Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 897

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Chapter 897: Ice Crystal Fire Phoenix (Part 2)

“Yes!”  The gray cloak’s aura locked onto Ye Yu Xi and he floated out of the hall.

Ye Yu Xi found that someone was following her after walking out the door and after checking a bit, she revealed a cold smile.  She was only afraid that he wouldn’t come!

After exchanging fifty million, Xu Yi didn’t feel any pain at all.  This was resource for her cultivation, she was investing in her future, so Ye Yu Xi was willing no matter how much it was.

Fifty million gold coins were exchanged for a Space Ring.  Ye Yu Xi sent in her mental energy and the thing inside was the Ice Crystal Fire Phoenix remains.

Ye Yu Xi quickly left the Profound Dark Auction Hall.

She had already agreed with Hei Feng Tian Zong to head back directly to the Alchemist Academy.  There was a cold look in Ye Yu Xi’s eyes as she quickly moved out of the city.


Shua, shua, shua!

Ye Yu Xi moved quicker and in less than half an hour, she was at a deserted mountain area.

“I never thought that you entered the Alchemist Academy, it really is a narrow road!”

An old voice came from behind Ye Yu Xi.  This voice was very cold.

“You’re still not dead.”  Ye Yu Xi stretched her neck and when she turned around, there was the Soul Devourer Blade in her hand!

Not far away from Ye Yu Xi was a mysterious man in a gray cloak.

Ye Yu Xi recognized this person, she recognized this person from the first bet!  It was elder Qiu who had supported the seventh prince back in the Ice Mist Country!

In the battle with Ye Yu Xi, he had escaped after losing an arm from Ye Yu Xi’s flame.  She never thought that they would meet again.

“Humph, the grudge of my broken arm should end.”  Elder Qiu’s arm was revealed under the cloak.

Seeing the action of elder Qiu, Ye Yu Xi’s eyes widened slightly.  An arm?

Ye Yu Xi clearly remembered that she used her flame to blast elder Qiu’s right arm to pieces, so how could he have another right arm!

She narrowed her eyes.  Ye Yu Xi found the difference, this arm was pitch black.  It was completely different from a normal person’s arm, it was like the arm of a corpse that had died for many years!

Hong, hong, hong.

Ye Yu Xi released her spiritual energy, unleashing her aura to fight.

“Oh?  Eighth spiritual level?!”  Elder Qiu’s eyes had a look of surprise before it turned sharp!  This slut had to die, elder Qiu had paid a large price to transplant this arm.  He would never break through to the Yellow Spirit Realm!


Ye Yu Xi jumped out, creating a shadow as she charged at elder Qiu.


Elder Qiu wasn’t willing to back down and sent out a spiritual energy blast.

Purple Shadow Flash!

Ye Yu Xi suddenly disappeared before reappearing in front of elder Qiu.

Shadow Blade!

The dagger in Ye Yu Xi’s hand came out as she used her spiritual skills.  Facing someone in the peak ninth spiritual level, Ye Yu Xi didn’t dare be careless!


With a metal sound, elder Qiu’s black arm came in front of his chest at a strange angle, blocking Ye Yu Xi’s attack.

“Slut, you will die today!”  Elder Qiu released black energy from under his cloak.


Ye Yu Xi flew back into the air and with a flash of light in her hand, three needles appeared.

Pu, pu, pu.

Before she landed, the needles entered her.  The first seal was released and Ye Yu Xi’s aura began increasing.

After several breaths, Ye Yu Xi reached the ninth spiritual level, but this time Ye Yu Xi was in the intermediate ninth spiritual level!

Feeling the surge of power inside her, Ye Yu Xi had a look of surprise!

This was her first time unlocking her seal since reaching the eighth spiritual level, it seems like her cultivation after unlocking the seal grew with her cultivation!


Elder Qiu waved his hand and the black energy containing explosive power surrounded Ye Yu Xi.

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