Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 880

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Chapter 880: Mission maniac Ba De (Part 2)

Ba De was quickly pulled out of the forest by that other student.

Ye Yu Xi watched them leave.  The one who came afterwards seemed to be from the inner court!

Ba De…..Ba De……

Such a familiar name.  Ye Yu Xi narrowed her eyes as she thought that she definitely heard this name before.

Looking in the direction Ba De left in, her eyes suddenly opened wide and remembered that the people from before were all discussing Ba De!

Thinking of how Ba De chose to approach her, Ye Yu Xi felt that Ba De was looking for her for something.

But one thing was certain, Ba De didn’t have any ill intent!

Shaking her head, Ye Yu Xi headed back to the dorms.

When she came to the dorms, she found Chu Tian Che waiting outside.

“Senior Chu?  Do you need something?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Chu Tian Che outside.

“Young miss Ye, I was planning on discussing the guild with young miss.”  Chu Tian Che became more spirited.

In the past few days, Chu Tian Che had been convincing stronger seniors, which was a bit troublesome.

“Come in and talk.”  Ye Yu Xi had Chu Tian Che come in.

“Young miss Ye, you broke through?”  Chu Tian Che felt the fluctuations from Ye Yu Xi and looked surprised.

Ye Yu Xi had been in the academy for less than two months, she broke through this quickly!

“My luck is good.”  Ye Yu Xi said with a smile.

“Miss Ye truly is talented.  In the freshmen competition in half a month, miss Ye will become the biggest dark horse.”  Chu Tian Che revealed a trace of excitement.

After the freshmen competition was over and the two dark horses joining forces was announced, it would create another stir in the academy.

“What business does senior Chu have today?”  Ye Yu Xi poured a cup of tea for Chu Tian Che.

Chu Tian Che gave a polite nod before saying, “I’m mainly here today to talk to miss Ye about the Thousand Pain Hall.  I’ve been contacting some of the second and third year students, the brothers that I’ve had before and around forty of them have come back.  However, we can only make a small mess with these people and it is impossible to shake those large guilds.”

Ye Yu Xi gave a slight nod.  She had learned a bit about those guilds during these days.

To let Blood Enchantress gain a foothold in a short amount of time wasn’t easy.  Those large guilds, not mentioning the people attached to them, they all had at least five hundred people.

Other than quantity, there was also quality.  For the last place Hundred Flower Hall of the five great guilds, they had over six hundred core members and the weakest of them was in the seventh spiritual level!

Moreover, there were many of them who were in the high or peak seventh spiritual level, or even in the eighth spiritual level.  The vice leaders and the leader were all in the ninth spiritual level.

With quantity and quality, this was quite scary.

“There’s also something I didn’t mention before.  The reason most students rely on large guilds is the benefits from the guilds.”  Chu Tian Che’s words were quite solemn.

“Benefits?  What benefits, pills?”  Ye Yu Xi slightly knit her brows.

Chu Tian Che spat out one word, “Points.”

Ye Yu Xi slightly narrowed her eyes.

“In these large guilds, the members with higher cultivations receive points as benefits.  There are also tasks in the guild that are worth a corresponding amount of points.”  Chu Tian Che said.

A trace of seriousness appeared in Ye Yu Xi’s eyes.  These points really had great temptation!

It could be imagined that if big guilds gave points, the stronger freshmen would choose guilds with higher benefits.

“We can only take these things step by step.”  Ye Yu Xi helplessly shook her head.  She only had a hundred points, she couldn’t make any waves.

“Right, senior, I want to ask you about someone.  Do you know a senior called Ba De?  He should be in the inner court.”  Ye Yu Xi suddenly remembered the scene from the forest.

“Who did you just say?!”  Chu Tian Che’s hand trembled, knocking over the tea cup on the table.

“Ba De.”  Ye Yu Xi repeated.

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