Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 881

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Chapter 881: Mission maniac Ba De (Part 3)

“That maniac Ba De?”  Chu Tian Che’s eyes opened wide, as the hot tea dripped onto his clothes without him knowing, “Did you offend him?!”

Ye Yu Xi looked at Chu Tian Che with a bit of surprise.  Chu Tian Che was in the peak of the eighth spiritual level, why was he surprised hearing Ba De’s name?

“No, but he looked for me earlier.”  Ye Yu Xi honestly said.

Chu Tian Che let out a sigh of relief, “It’s good that you didn’t offend Ba De.”

Ye Yu Xi was even more confused, Ba De’s name could let Chu Tian Che be this surprised, “Senior, is Ba De’s backing that special?”

“Un.”  Chu Tian Che nodded, “The five great guilds are the five guilds with the most influence, but when it comes to personal influence, the one who has the greatest influence isn’t the five great guild heads, rather it’s Ba De.”

“Oh?”  Ye Yu Xi remembered Ba De’s unassuming tone and appearance.  Just based on appearance, he didn’t seem like an expert.

Chu Tian Che knew that Ye Yu Xi was new to the school and didn’t know Ba De’s fame, so he began explaining to her, “Ba De was alone when he came to the school and he received fifty thousand exchange points from the Treasure Pavilion in a month.  Since then, he became famous and the others called him the mission maniac.”

Ye Yu Xi had a trace of surprise on her face.  Thinking of everyone’s reactions just now, Ba De was indeed a “star” at the Treasure Pavilion.

“Not only this, Ba De is very straightforward.  Although he is arrogant sometimes, he is very popular in the academy and almost half the older students are friends with Ba De, but there aren’t many people who Ba De considers a brother.”  Chu Tian Che shook his head when he said this.

Chu Tian Che had also thought of pulling in Ba De, but Ba De didn’t care about him at all.

“He’s this popular, is he someone from the five guilds?”  A sparkle appeared in Ye Yu Xi’s eyes.

Chu Tian Che shook his head, “The reason why people say Ba De is a maniac is because of the guilds.  The five great guilds all threw an olive branch to Ba De, promising him a position as a vice leader, but Ba De didn’t agree to a single one of them.  Because he denied all those invitations, he entered an argument with a guild that was ranked in the top ninety.  In just a single night, that guild was completely defeated and since then, no one has dared to offend Ba De.”

Ye Yu Xi was surprised.  She never thought that this normal looking Ba De had this many stories.

“That Ye Yu Xi is in this room.  Senior Ba De, the thing you promised me…..”

There was a voice that came from outside that cut Chu Tian Che off.

“Here, here.  There’s nothing for you here, quickly scram.”  Ba De’s voice came from outside.


Zhi ya.

When Ba De wanted to call Ye Yu Xi’s name, the door suddenly opened.

Chu Tian Che behind Ye Yu Xi narrowed his eyes, it really was Ba De!

Ba De swallowed a mouthful of saliva as he saw Ye Yu Xi.  His eyes turned cold as he saw Chu Tian Che behind Ye Yu Xi.

“This kid, I remember that you were in your third year.  What are you doing here?”  Ba De looked at Chu Tian Che with unkind eyes.

“Senior Ba De.”  Chu Tian Che respectfully greeted him.

“Young miss Ye, is this kid causing trouble for you?”  Ba De saw that Chu Tian Che’s expression didn’t look good, so he rolled up his sleeves to prepare to make a move.

His spiritual energy fluctuations were released, it seemed like this casual looking Ba De was in the ninth spiritual level!

Feeling this pressure, Ye Yu Xi had a trace of surprise in her eyes before saying in a cold voice, “Chu Tian Che is my friend!  As for you, why are you looking for me!”

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