Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 879

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Chapter 879: Mission maniac Ba De (Part 1)

Ye Yu Xi came out of the Treasure Pavilion and chose a path with fewer people.

While walking, Ye Yu Xi looked at the list of items.

Un?  The Exquisite Tower took points?

The item list wrote: Exquisite Tower first floor, five points per hour.  Exquisite Tower second floor, twenty points per hour.  Exquisite Tower third floor, fifty points per hour.  Exquisite Tower fourth floor, one hundred points per hour.

Fifty floor, five hundred points per hour.  Sixth and seventh floor, requires special permission to enter.

Ye Yu Xi slightly narrowed her eyes.  The hundred points in her card was only enough for an hour on the fourth floor!

It could be imagined what would happen in two months.  The freshmen had tasted the sweet taste, so if they wanted to enter the Exquisite Tower again, they would have to use their points.

The ones without points would wildly do missions.

Ye Yu Xi shook her head.  The academy’s move really was brilliant!

Exchanging items for points?

Ye Yu Xi looked at the final line.

The list in her hand not only listed the points needed for items, it also marked the exchange price for various herbs and metals.

High grade Blood Ginseng, two points per root.

High grade Profound Ginseng, two points per root.

Mid grade Purple Spirit Pill, two points per pill.

Ye Yu Xi looked over it simply and clicked her tongue.  This academy was simply being a profiteer!

High grade Blood Ginseng and Profound Ginseng, wouldn’t it be worth several tens of thousands of gold coins if it was sold?

And the Purple Spirit Pill.  Ye Yu Xi remembered that the Purple Spirit Pill was something people fought over in Ningyuan City, but in this place…..it was considered trash.

But thinking of how rare things are, the Extreme Ice Grass that was worth hundreds of thousands was only exchanged for forty points.  The price of these items could be considered reasonable.

Ye Yu Xi walked along until she came to a small forest.


She felt someone behind her, so Ye Yu Xi put the list in her ring.

Ye Yu Xi turned around and the aura behind her suddenly became hidden.

Someone was following her?

Ye Yu Xi had a serious look in her eyes, someone was following her in the academy?

Sensing it, there was nothing behind her.  That person was good at hiding and Ye Yu Xi couldn’t find the other side at all.

Her face sunk a bit as she began quickly moving through the forest.

In less than a minute after Ye Yu Xi left, Ba De arrived at where she had been standing.  He sniffed the air and followed the direction Ye Yu Xi headed off in.

“Ai?  Strange, it’s coming from that direction?

Ba De was surprised and after going around twice in the forest, he had lost her!

Ba De scratched his head as he looked around for a trace of Ye Yu Xi.

“Who are you, why are you following me?”  Ye Yu Xi looked down at Ba De before jumping out of the tree.

Ba De revealed a look of excitement as he quickly moved over.


Ye Yu Xi took a step back and created distance, looking at the person in front vigilantly.

“That, young miss, I have no evil intent.  I’m just curious, curious about your body’s…..”

The person kept approaching and Ye Yu Xi knit her brows.

“Senior Ba De!  Senior Ba De!”

Calls sounded in the forest.

“Miss, I am……”  Ba De ignored everyone and kept talking to Ye Yu Xi.

“Senior Ba De, you really are here.  I didn’t believe people saying that you were here.  Come with me, the elders are looking for you.”  A student grabbed Ba De’s hand and ran off.

“Elders?  Quickly, quickly.”  Ba De realized this was important.  He took two steps before turning back, “That, miss, I’ll come find you later, wait for me!  I have something to talk to you about.”

“Senior, quickly, the elders are waiting.”

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