Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 88

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Chapter 88: Bai Jin Yi makes a move

Hearing Ye Yu Xi’s question, the sick look on Bai Jin Yi’s face finally changed slightly.  It was a bit less faint and there a bit more evil charm. He looked over at Ye Yu Xi’s delicate face, “I’ve watched enough a long time ago, one can watch beauties and never be sick.”

“Ha, ha, ha, these words are right!”

A rough laugh came from the forest.

Over ten large men wearing armour walked out of the woods, looking quite imposing.


Ye Wen, Ye Man, and Qing’er stood up at the same time.  Their hands were already on the sword at their waist.

On the contrary, Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi were very calm as they coldly watched the people walking over.

“Excuse us for disturbing the young misses’ rest.  We brothers were in a rush and now we’re very hungry and thirsty.  We smelled the scent of the roasted meat, so we came over and disturbed you.  We hope these young misses do not mind.” The leading large man had a smile as he looked at Ye Yu Xi and the others, but the treacherous undertone in his smile was very clear.

As for Bai Jin Yi beside Ye Yu Xi, looking at his white faced sickly appearance, it seemed like he would collapse with a single breath.  The large men all directly ignored him.

Ye Yu Xi looked up at the “presumptuous” large men who came to disturb them.  The words they said before, not even a ghost would believe them!

In this Heaven Mountain Range, one’s eyes were dark and no one followed the law.  Whoever’s fist was harder was the law and it was dog eat dog, this was a commonly seen thing.

The leading large man saw Ye Yu Xi’s group’s guarded expressions and gave a laugh, “What, do these misses not believe us?”  He made a few signals with his hands and the large men behind him slightly adjusted their position, preparing to draw their weapons.

Bai Jin Yi was sitting on a rock and he didn’t even bother looking up.  He said in a voice that seemed like he was talking to himself, “If I was you, before my faces have been broken, I would quickly scram.  There are some people you cannot afford to offend.”

“Big, big brother.  That, that small, that small handsome boy, wants, wants us, to scram.”  A stuttering man was afraid the boss wouldn’t understand Bai Jin Yi’s, so he translated in a very “fluent” voice.

“Brat, you’re seeking death!”  The leading large man took the large blade from his waist and raised it.

This group of people lived using their blades, so they were all ruthless.  Each time they made their move, it would be fatal.

The leading large man took two steps forward and his blade went towards Bai Jin Yi’s face.  The large blade was moving very quickly and even brought a whistling sound.

Bai Jin Yi saw the large blade approaching his face, coming closer and closer.  He sat there without moving and when the blade was only two centimeters from his face, he finally reached out two fingers.

It was as if time had stopped.

Bai Jin Yi just sat there looking down.  Other than that white are that was held over his head, his body did not move at all.

The eyes of the large man wielding the blade suddenly popped out.  The muscles in his hands swelled as he tightly gripped the blade and used all his strength to push it down.  That blade was being held by two fingers by Bai Jin Yi just a few centimeters from his face, not moving at all!

Ye Yu Xi did not move.  When the large man wanted to move against Bai Jin Yi, she did not plan on making a move at all.  She was very clear on Bai Jin Yi’s strength and even her full strength attack could be easily blocked by him.  Although these people were strong, they could not harm Bai Jin Yi. She wanted to use these large men to pull out Bai Jin Yi’s trump card.

“Ke, ke!”  Bai Jin Yi acted like he had used too much spiritual energy from catching the blade with one hand.  After a few “weak” coughs, his fingers holding the blade slightly trembled.

Only this weak cough was sounded like a cough in Ye Yu Xi’s group’s ears.  In the blade wielding large man’s ear, it was like a giant dragon’s roar. The spiritual energy within him began to swell from those coughs and that large man’s entire body trembled.  He felt a mysterious kind of power sealing his body surging forward like a wave.

Bai Jin Yi let go as the blade wielding large man in front of him was hit in the chest by a mysterious power.  He moved back several steps and fell down in an embarrassing manner in front of his companions.

“Go, we must slaughter this kid today.  Brothers, go together!” The large man struggled to stand.  That clash just now, it had to be an illusions. How could a weak and ill person without any spiritual energy actually repel him like that!

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