Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 87

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Chapter 87: A tiger is not a cat, do you think I’m sick

The fatty skillfully sprinkled salt on the barbecue and added some other spices.  It was like a piece of art and he looked very serious.

From his method of roasting meat, although the fatty had a big mouth, he was very serious about eating and was very serious!

Taking off a rabbit leg and holding it out to Ye Yu Xi, the fatty had a proud look on his face, “Boss, have a try first.  This fat master’s art, this isn’t bragging, but once you eat it, you’ll…..”


A purple figure flew out towards Ye Yu Xi’s group, charging at the fatty.

The fatty saw a blur in front of him.  When he reacted, his hands were already empty.

Ceng!  The purple figure did not jump back into the forest.  After it was several dozen meters away, it squatted on the ground and stuffed the rabbit’s meat into its mouth.  A pair of watery eyes were staring at the remaining rabbit meat beside the fire.

Purple Thunder Monkey?  Looking at the monkey on the ground, Ye Yu Xi revealed a look of doubt.  This looked like a Purple Thunder Monkey, but its speed was definitely not something a normal Purple Thunder Monkey could compare to.  It was a bit strange!

After being slapped by an animal twice, even if the fatty’s face was thick, he couldn’t keep his face in front of all these girls.  The ice cold blade appeared in his hands.

God damn!

A tiger is not a cat, do you think I’m sick!

The fatty moved with a speed that was disproportionate to his body.  After training for several days, the fatty was faster compared to back in the cave.

Zhi, zhi!

The little monkey on the ground saw the fatty charging at it with a blade and its fur jumped up.  It stretched its claws and threw the unfinished rabbit leg at the fatty.

The fatty was very fast and tilting his head, the “weapon” flew past him.  Taking advantage of the little monkey being in a daze in front of him, he slashed down.

Ding!  Zhi, zhi~~

The little monkey used its body to block the fatty’s blade.  That thin body was sent three-five meters back by the giant blade.  There was a bit of screaming, but there was no injury at all where it had been struck.

The fatty stared at it.  This monkey, what kind of ghost was it!

Ye Yu Xi and the others all knit their brows at the same time.  A flesh and blood body blocking one of the fatty’s slashes and not being injured, this monkey definitely was not a Purple Thunder Monkey!

There was also a flash of light that passed in Bai Jin Yi’s eyes and he secretly sighed, “The mutation is to this degree……It seems like there is an extra incredible thing in this mountain…..”

Zhi, zhi.  The little monkey bared its teeth and shouted the fatty before looking at the roasted rabbit meat beside the fire with a bit of reluctance.  Turning around, it jumped back into the trees. They didn’t know if it was because of the fatty’s slash, but the sped was much slower compared to before.  At least Ye Yu Xi and the others could see the appearance of the little monkey.

“Fatty, don’t let it run away.” Ye Yu Xi saw that the little monkey wanted to run, but how could they let it run?  She had been studying spirit beasts in the Heaven Mountain Travel Log these past two days, but there was not a single one that could block a blade without being injured.  If they could catch this monkey, its firm skin would be worth quite a bit. If there was a bit more of it, they could make a complete armour out of it.

“Alright!”  The fatty responded before running into the forest holding his blade.

Soon his figure disappeared.

“Bai Jin Yi, have you watched long enough?”  Ye Yu Xi saw that Bai Jin Yi’s face did not have a single look of surprise and he looked like he was watching a play.

She felt a trace of anger in her heart.  Bai Jin Yi had always acted mysteriously around her.  She had tried to find out Bai Jin Yi’s origin over these past few days, but she had found nothing.  Now that she saw Bai Jin Yi had a calm expression, she was more certain Bai Jin Yi was not simple.

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