Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 89

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Chapter 89: Big, big brother, your blade, blade!

The over ten large men all looked at their leading big brother.  Their hands were at their waste, but not a single person dared draw his sword.

The leading large man saw that not a single one of his brothers planned on making a move and he angrily cursed, “A bunch of trash!  What are you standing around for, kill that fellow!”

That large stuttering man from before raised his hand and pointed at the big brother’s blade, “Big, big brother, your blade, blade!”

With this stuttering reminder, the leading large man and Qing’er’s group all looked over at the large blade that Bai Jin Yi had just held.


Looking at it, everyone gave a gasp.

On the wide blade, where Bai Jin Yi had grabbed it, there was a crescent shaped hole.  This blade of iron had actually been broken by Bai Jin Yi’s grip.

Silence, this wide area once again fell into silence.

Qing’er and the others finally understood why Bai Jin Yi never joined their training and the young miss did not care.  Just based on this move, it was something they could not do even with a year of training.

The large men’s hands were on their blades, but their trembling hands and legs showed that they did not show any signs of fighting.  Their big brother was in the fifth spiritual level, the fifth spiritual level! In the Heaven Mountain Range, this was someone that could go wherever they wanted, but their big brother could not even last a single round with the other side.

Was this man the legendary number one genius of the Ice Mist Country?

Bai Jin Yi still sat there, but the feeling he gave everyone was no longer the weak scholar, rather he was a sleeping giant dragon.

Bai Jin Yi stretched his palm and gently twisted, causing the iron blade that had turned into sand to fall to the ground.  The lowered eyes finally looked up and he said in a soft voice, “I’ve said it before, there are some people you can’t offend.”

After a short silence, the leading large man’s eyes became a bit hesitant before gradually turning sharp.  Since he had broken his face and his people could not beat this mysterious man, he who lived in the underworld all year round did not think Ye Yu Xi and the others would let him go now.  He could obediently wait for death, or…..

The leading large man suddenly jumped out at Qing’er closest to him.  His idea was very simple, but it was effective. It was clear these people were together and since he couldn’t beat them, it was better to grab a hostage and make a bet.  Perhaps his group of brothers could still safely retreat.


Qing’er saw the large man jumping at her and let out a shocked cry.  She wanted to dodge, but to her, the large man was too fast. She who only had a cultivation in the second spiritual level could not dodge at all.

Bai Jin Yi and Ye Yu Xi’s eyes turned cold at the same time.  This person didn’t know life and death and still wanted to make a move!

Although the two of them had reacted, they did not plan on helping Qing’er solve this problem.  Bai Jin Yi released his Divine Sense, catching someone who was dashing here, trying to save people.  Ye Yu Xi wanted to use this large man to test the effects of Qing’er’s training over the past few days.

As for the other large men, when their leader attacked Qing’er, they were already dead men in Ye Yu Xi’s eyes.  It was just a matter of time.

Qing’er wanted to pull the sword from her waist, but her speed was not even half of that of the large man in front of her.  In the end, Ye Wen beside Qing’er made Ye Yu Xi’s eyes light up as she thought she didn’t pick the wrong person!

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