Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 83

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Chapter 83: You won’t suffer from him


A layer of frost gradually appeared over Ye Yu Xi’s face.

Huo Ling saw Ye Yu Xi’s face and said with a face of true comfort, “Master, it’s fine.  I think Bai Jin Yi is pretty handsome and he has a faint herb smell on him. You will not suffer from him…..”

Ye Yu Xi looked at happy Huo Ling, “Can you not be stupid!”


[TL Note: It’s a play on words where eat flowers sounds like a form of calling someone stupid.]

Huo Ling bit a white finger and tilted his little head to understand the meaning of this new “stupid” word.  Finally he couldn’t understand as he looked up with an innocent smile, “Master, what does eating flower mean?  Is it a flower? Is it tasty?”

Ye Yu Xi: “……”

Not caring about Huo Ling anymore, Ye Yu Xi walked over to the bookshelves.  She looked over it for awhile, but she couldn’t find what she wanted to find.  There were many martial arts and pill recipes on the shelves.

Feeling helpless, she reached out to pick up the «Heaven Mountain Travel Log» and studied it.

Huo Ling pouted his lips as he sat in a pile of herbs looking at Ye Yu Xi who wasn’t far away with an aggrieved expression.  He angrily shoveled bunches of herb into his mouth. Humph! Actually ignoring me, then I’ll ignore you too. I’ll eat, eat, and eat until you’re broke.

Ye Yu Xi was completely focused on the ancient book in her hand.  She immediately want to enter the mountain, but there were still some things to be prepared.

The Heaven Mountain Travel Log was a record of the situation in the Heaven Mountain Range, but whoever wrote it was unable to determine anything.  Although it recorded the Heaven Mountain Range, what was actually written was the territory of a few spirit beasts around the Heaven Mountain Range.

The day quickly passed and the Primary Martial Auction Hall sent the materials and gold coins over the next day.

For the next two days, Ye Yu Xi only read books or refined pills.  Because she was lacking the main Purple Thunder Monkey’s heart, she could not refine the Purple Spirit Pill and could only refine some grade one pills.

Entering the Heaven Mountain Range this time was not mainly just for collecting herbs, but also to give Ye Wen, Ye Man, and also Qing’er some battle experience.  The fastest way to grow one’s strength was real combat!

In the morning when the sky had just lit up.

Ye Yu Xi walked out her door and the sounds of fighting came from in front of her.

Ye Wen, Ye Man, and Qing’er were practicing the martial arts Ye Yu Xi had given them to practice.  After a few days, there was a visible increase in both speed and strength.

Of the three of them, Ye Wen’s talent was undoubtedly the best, but in terms of effort, the three of them were equal.  As for the fatty…..

Ye Yu Xi saw the fatty lounging on the side and sent a kick at him.

“Who!”  The fatty turned his head and saw Ye Yu Xi looking at him with cold eyes.  He immediately revealed a smile, “This, boss, I’m not slacking!”

“The things I had you prepare?”

Seeing that Ye Yu Xi was not pursuing the fact that he was slacking on his training, the fatty let out a sigh of relief.  He patted his chest in assurance, “Boss, be assured, I already bought everything yesterday. Six horses, thirty sets of clothes, two large cloths, ten pounds of salt, eight pounds…..”

“Why is there so much extra?”  Ye Yu Xi knit her brows. The fatty’s words were more and more outrageous, even buying a large amount of realgar and cooking wine.

“Boss, you don’t know this, but I’ve lived in the wild year round.  There are many poisonous beast in the mountains, so it won’t work unless you prepare all of this.”  The fatty was confident in his own experience.

Ye Yu Xi nodded.  Don’t look at the fatty being lazy in practice, he was very cautious when it came to critical moments.  She looked at him with a look of confirmation, “Un, your preparations aren’t bad.”

“It’s what I should do.”  The fatty would not give up a chance to offer flattery, not to mention a chance to make him look better.

“The extra things are yours.”

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    [TL Note: It’s a play on words where eat flowers sounds like a form of calling someone stupid.]

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