Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 82

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Chapter 82: Unstable foundation

Returning to the yard with Qing’er, they saw Ye Wen and Ye Man wildly training when they walked in.  There were the occasional sounds of blows that could be heard.

The fatty had his legs up and was lying on a stone bench in the gazebo.  From time to time, he gave a few words of “guidance”, “Ye Wen, your leg speed is too slow.  Big sister Man, your fist strength is not enough. Aiya, teaching you is this hard. When this fat master was studying back then……”

“Damn fatty, you’re being lazy again!”  Qing’er saw the fatty laying on the gazebo and angrily charged over.  She threw the ice cold blade in her hand at the fatty.

Qing’er was not Ye Yu Xi after all and this ice cold blade was a bit heavy for her.  The ice cold blade flew a few meters before it fell down to the ground.

The fatty narrowed his eyes to look at the blade flying at him.  He wanted to show off his skills and grab the blade, but seeing the blade fall down and move lower and lower, his expression finally changed, “This is bad!”  The fatty turned and his large body jumped out.


The ice cold blade was inserted into the stone bench and made a buzzing sound.

“Crazy girl!  Do you want me to die without any grandchildren!”  Seeing the ice cold blade, the fatty couldn’t help feeling a bit of fear as his legs went numb.

Qing’er snorted, “Humph!  I’ll let you be an eunuch if you be lazy again!”

Ye Yu Xi gave a soft cough.

“This blade is for you.”  Taking a look at the fatty, she turned and moved towards her room.

“Thanks boss.”  The fatty loudly cheered.  He picked up the ice cold blade and flicked the blade, “Yi?  There’s actually Cold Iron mixed in there.”

Hearing the fatty’s words, Ye Yu Xi thought of something as she turned back to look at the fatty.

The fatty felt Ye Yu Xi’s gaze and his little eyes turned, pretending to be thinking of something, “This weapon is made of a similar material to the one this fat master stole before.”

Although the fatty’s reactions were fast, that one strange moment did not escape Ye Yu Xi’s eyes.

Although she saw the strange moment from the fatty, Ye Yu Xi did not keep asking about it.  Each person had the right to their own secrets.

When Ye Yu Xi entered her room, she heard a “hateful” voice.

“It seems like that little fatty has quite a few secrets.”  Bai Jin Yi was casually lying on Ye Yu Xi’s bed, completely ignoring the killing intent in Ye Yu Xi’s eyes.

Ye Yu Xi looked over and a spiritual glow appeared in her hand.  Before the Soul Devourer Blade appeared, her body turned stiff as a pair of hands gently wrapped around her.

“Can you not make a move whenever we meet, we are a family.”  Bai Jin Yi leaned over Ye Yu Xi’s hair and took a deep sniff, “The scent of blood is thicker on you today.”

He felt the beautiful woman in his embrace moving her shoulders, but he didn’t give Ye Yu Xi a chance.  The window opened as Bai Jin Yi’s figure disappeared.

“There will be a day when I kill you.”

Ye Yu Xi tightened her fist and gritted her teeth.  There was no killing intent on her face, but rather the anger of a little girl.

Bai Jin Yi left and only Ye Yu Xi was left in the room.  After sitting for a while, the final exchange she had with Li Yong appeared in front of her eyes.

They were both in the sixth spiritual level, but Li Yong’s spiritual energy was much deeper than hers.  They were in the same realm, but there was such a difference in spiritual energy. There was only a single reason, it was because she had an unstable foundation!  It was because she relied on pills to increase her cultivation…..

For the first time, Ye Yu Xi realized the drawbacks of using pills to increase her spiritual energy.  Li Yong was only one of the seventh prince’s subordinates and he was already equal to her. It seemed like she had to think of a way to increases her foundation!

An unstable foundation was a taboo of martial arts.  If her foundation was not enough, it was like building a high rise building on unstable ground, able to collapse at any moment.

Thinking of all the secret books in the space, perhaps there was a method to solve it there!  A spiritual light shined from Ye Yu Xi’s body as she entered the chaotic space.

Huo Ling was in his child appearance as he sat in middle of a pile of herbs, pleasurably eating away.

Seeing Ye Yu Xi come in, Huo Ling ran over with his white little hands and jumped into Ye Yu Xi’s embrace.  He was shouting while raising his delicate little face, “Master, I saw that you were molested just now…..”

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