Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 84

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Chapter 84: Mysterious Spirit Beast (Part 1)

The fatty’s face suddenly turned into a bitter gourd, “Boss, you can’t do this!  I did this for everyone’s good!”

Qing’er wiped the sweat from her face as she cut off the fatty, “Damn fatty, wasn’t it just having you buy some things!  As for this, if you’re reluctant, I’ll come…..”

“Alright, come check it out.”  The fatty’s eyes lit up with a shrewd light as he though: Although Qing’er’s mouth is a bit poisonous, she still does have a heart sometimes…..

Qing’er looked at the fatty preoccupied by thoughts and rolled her eyes, “Being stingy is a kind of illness, I’ll help you practice a bit.”

The fatty was already speechless: Although Qing’er’s mouth is poisonous, there are times…..when her heart is even more poisonous!

Ye Yu Xi’s group of six people on horses quickly left Ningyuan City.

When it was noon, Ye Yu Xi and the others had arrived at the bottom of Heaven Mountain Range.

With bumps on the entire road, even with the support of their spiritual energy, other than Bai Jin Yi who always looked sick, the other people all looked a bit tired.

The fatty on the horse made his horse moved forward as he pointed at a restaurant with his horse whip, “Boss, let’s go eat something.”

Ye Yu Xi nodded and their group moved forward on their horses.

Their horses were given to the servant at the gate and they entered the restaurant.

Entering the restaurant, what entered their nose wasn’t the usual scent of wine and food, nor was there the noisiness of people talking.  Rather, there was a hint blood scent that filled the air.

There were a few tables of guests eating at a table with somber expressions on their faces.  The faint scent of blood was being released by them.

Ye Yu Xi found a table by the corner and sat down.

“Waiter.”  The fatty called out to the waiter.

They had traveled a bumpy road and didn’t have much of an appetite, so they ordered a few small dishes.

When they were talking, another group of people came in.

There were a total of seven-eight people and they were all injured.  They supported each other into the restaurant and found a nearby table to sit down in.

“It’s the Blood Wolf people, they also failed…..”

“There were several dozen of them that left, but only less than half came back?”

The guests in the hall were filled with discussion.

Ye Yu Xi watched those people who came in before giving the fatty a bottle of grade one Recovery Pills, “Go and investigate what happened.”

“Alright!”  The fatty put the pills in his sleeves as he moved towards the “Blood Wolf” people with a smile on his face.

“Brothers, what happened to you?”  The fatty had a curious look in his eyes.

A large man looked at the fatty with squinted eyes, “If you’re also here for that mission, don’t go unless you have a strength of the fifth spiritual level and up.  Otherwise, you’re just being sent to your death.”

Mission?  What mission?

The fatty rubbed his chin, “I am a person who likes listening to new things, little brother here came out to experience new things this time.  What is the mission you mentioned? Speak, little brother has great rewards.”

After saying this, the fatty took out the bottle of Recovery Pills and placed it on the table.

The large man saw the Recovery Pills on the table and his eyes revealed a surprise look.  Although this Recovery Pill was not a rare pill, it could still be sold for over a hundred gold coins on the market.  Its main use was for outer injuries, so they were mercenaries’ favorites.

The leading big brother who bled year round from blade injuries had a deep sense of guilt in his chest.  Although the Blood Wolf’s fame was not small, there had been many mercenaries injured recently. It was better to obtain these pills than to remain silent.

Silently taking the pill bottle, he pulled the fatty down beside him and whispered in his ears, “Brother, let me tell you, things are like this……”

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