Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 74

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Chapter 74: Using a good sword (cheap)

[TL Note: This is a pun because sword and cheap sound the same.  Basically calling someone cheap.]

Ye Yu Xi watched Li Zhi Han acting spoiled beside Housekeeper Qiu gave her a new understanding of her.  Not only did she use the whip, she also had a good sword (cheap)!

Housekeeper Qiu’s sleeves were being grabbed by Li Zhi Han and he stopped moving, but he looked over at Ye Yu Xi.

“Housekeeper Qiu, there are some things you need to think about clearly before making a decisions!”  When Ye Yu Xi spoke, the aura of her sixth spiritual level cultivation was released, locking onto Housekeeper Qiu.

Housekeeper Qiu was locked onto by Ye Yu Xi’s aura and his heart was shocked.  Last time he had met these two mysterious people, they had given him a mysterious and not that strong feeling.  In just a short period of time, their aura could even catch up to his! It had to be known, Housekeeper Qiu had been cultivating for several decades.

“It seems like we have many guests at our Primary Martial Auction Hall today!”

Another person came out of the auction hall.  Once they spoke, a small stir passed through all the people waiting outside the auction hall!

It was Mo Tian Chou, Mo Tian Chou had personally come out to solve this!  It was normal for Housekeeper Qiu to appear, but Mo Tian Chou did not easily show himself.  Even the heads of the large families could not see Mo Tian Chou more than once per month.

But Mo Tian Chou personally came out today because of trouble at the entrance of the auction hall!

Could it be for Li Zhi Han?  Rumours say that Li Zhi Han adored Mo Tian Chou, but they never heard of Mo Tian Chou feeling anything for Li Zhi Han.  Could it be for those two mysterious people?

When the people on the scene thought of this, they looked at Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er once again with serious looks in their eyes.  For someone that even Mo Tian Chou was respectful to, just a stomp of their foot could make Ningyuan City tremble!

With the commotion downstairs, Mo Tian Chou standing on the second floor naturally instantly found out.  When he knew that one of the side was the mysterious cloaked people, he immediately came down.

“Big brother Tian Chou, you came to see me.  I want you to make a decision today! These people who don’t even dare show their faces hit me and even contradicted uncle Qiu!”  Li Zhi Han rubbed her stomach as she spoke, as if that kick from Ye Yu Xi had really hurt her.

Ye Yu Xi stood there without moving, coldly watching everything.

Li Zhi Han looked at the cloaked Ye Yu Xi with a proud expression, feeling very confident.  Wasn’t big brother Tian Chou smiling before, it must have been directed to me.

“Tian Chou has been a bad host.  This is our long awaited meeting, but this matter has disturbed the two young misses!”  Mo Tian Chou completely ignored Li Zhi Han and walked straight past her. He walked two meters in front of Ye Yu Xi and stopped, giving a light bow.


The surrounding crowd was filled with discussion.

Young master Mo actually bowed to the two of them!

They didn’t see wrong, Mo Tian Chou actually completely ignored the Li Family’s young miss.  What kind of status did these two mysterious people have to make Mo Tian Chou this respectful!

“This can’t be considered a disturbance.  Two days ago, the young miss behind you had a bit of an argument with a friend of mine at the Spiritualist Guild and today I coincidentally heard this young miss Li say some rude words, so I couldn’t help making a move to protect my friend’s face.  I hope young master Mo won’t blame me.” Ye Yu Xi gave a slight nod, not giving a bow like Mo Tian Chou.

“Young miss is joking.  This place is not a place to talk, please come into the VIP room!”  After saying this, in front of everyone’s stunned eyes, Mo Tian Chou personally led the two mysterious people in.

This made the surrounding people even more curious about the two mysterious people’s identity, trying to guess their origins.

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