Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 75

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Chapter 75: Strange Flame map (Part 1)

After Mo Tian Chou and Ye Yu Xi entered the auction hall, the matters outside was naturally taken care of by Housekeeper Qiu.

“Everyone!  The auction hall preparations have already been made and we have made everyone wait long!  The auction will soon begin!” Housekeeper Qiu called everyone into the auction hall.

There was only the Li Family’s genius young miss standing there in a daze.

“Young miss, we seem to be in trouble, what should we do?”  A maid was already close to crying. At least she wasn’t too stupid, she could tell from Mo Tian Chou’s actions that her young miss had offended people they could not afford to offend!

The other maid was also crying.  She had thought she would come to see the auction hall, but she had followed her young miss into trouble.  The young miss was the eldest daughter of the family head, but they were only maids. If they went back like this, they would be beaten to death by the family!


Li Zhi Han turned to slap the maid’s face and she cursed, “Cry, cry, cry, you only know how to cry!”

The other maid seemed to have understood something.  Today’s situation was bad for her, so with a sinister look in her eyes, she moved beside Li Zhi Han and said, “Young miss, if we go back like this, the family head will not let us off.  How about we…..”


Primary Martial Auction Hall.

Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er sat in the VIP room, watching Mo Tian Chou personally pouring tea for them.  Then she said, “Young master Mo, I won’t chat with you today. This is the five Purple Spirit Pills, please take them.”

Mo Tian Chou took one of the five white jade bottles on the table and slightly opened it.  A fresh medicinal smell wafted out and filled the entire VIP room, making everyone who smelled it shocked.  This was a real Purple Spirit Pill!”

“Naturally we have confidence in the young miss’ items, so we won’t check them one by one.  Someone, bring these bottles to Housekeeper Qiu.” Mo Tian Chou waved his hand and had someone carry the five white jade bottles away on a plate.

“Two young misses, will the money for today’s pills be sent to young miss Ye Yu Xi’s residence, or…..”

“No need to trouble young miss Ye, we also want to buy some things today.  As for the gold coins, we’ll settle it after the auction.” Ye Yu Xi lowered her voice.

Mo Tian Chou revealed a faint smile, “Alright, we’ll follow the young miss’ instructions.  Someone, come and bring the two young misses to the VIP seats.”

Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er followed the guard to the VIP seats.  This time it was much better than the Blood Asura Auction Hall, at least there was some tea and some snacks.

After a while, the auction hall’s lights dimmed.  Just moving slightly away meant one couldn’t see another person’s face.  The only light left was on the auction stage.

“Everyone, this old man will be in charge of the auction today.  We hope everyone will take care of our Primary Martial Auction Hall in the future!”  The one on the stage was not a normal auctioneer, but rather it was Housekeeper Qiu! It was enough to see how much importance the Primary Martial Auction Hall attached to this auction.

“Housekeeper Qiu, you haven’t come up in a year and a half, so don’t start with those pleasantries!  Just start the auction already!”

People familiar with Housekeeper Qiu below shouted in loud voices.  They were already impatient from waiting outside and if they had to wait through more pleasantries inside, all their patience would be gone.

A servant came up holding a plate and gave the item in the plate to Housekeeper Qiu.

Housekeeper Qiu used the quickest method to introduce the first item, “Everyone, the first lot today is two Purple Spirit Pills!  The bottom price will be fifty thousand gold coins! Each bid increment cannot be less than two thousand gold coins.”

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