Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 73

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Chapter 73: I provoked them, so what!

Qing’er angrily returned to Ye Yu Xi’s side.

“What’s wrong, Qing’er?  Was what they said hard to listen to?”  Ye Yu Xi instantly judged Qing’er’s mood based on her way of walking.

“Young miss, you don’t know it at all.  That Li Zhi Han did not learn her lesson and wanted to buy the Purple Spirit Pill to break through, so she could beat you.”  Qing’er said in a single breath.

He, he!  Ye Yu Xi laughed in her heart.  When she was worried no one would come find her, she came to the door.

Ye Yu Xi patted Qing’er to the side, “Let’s go and find something over there.”

Qing’er was stunned.  That little face hidden in the cloak had a bit of strangeness as she looked at Ye Yu Xi.  She thought, did the young miss change her personality today? The young miss rarely found other people for matters before!


Inside the Primary Martial Auction Hall.

Housekeeper Qiu was standing in the main hall, anxiously waiting there, waiting for Ye Yu Xi to appear.  Them telling everyone outside that the auction hall needed to make preparations was only a lie. The most important thing was that one of the two main items today, the Purple Spirit Pill was not here yet, so how could Housekeeper Qiu not be anxious.

“Has anyone seen young miss Ye yet?”  Housekeeper Qiu asked.

A guard quickly replied, “We’ve already sent more people and our brothers are guarding everyone road.  As long as young miss Ye comes, they will immediately report in.”

While Housekeeper Qiu and the guard were talking, another guard suddenly came in.

“Housekeeper Qiu, this is bad.  There is someone causing trouble outside and they’re about to fight.”  The guard gave a special salute.

Housekeeper Qiu’s brows knit.  When things were more anxious, more things would happen.  He asked in an impatient voice, “What kind of person dares cause trouble in our place, do they now know this is the Primary Martial Auction Hall’s territory!”

“It’s the Li Manor’s young miss and two mysterious cloaked people.  Judging by their stature, the two mysterious people should be women, but their identities are unknown.”  The guard clearly reported everything.

“Who!”  Housekeeper Qiu looked over at the guard. The Li Family’s young miss has always adored the young master, everyone in the Primary Martial Auction Hall knew this.  However, those two mysterious people wouldn’t be…..

Housekeeper Qiu ignored the guard’s shocked gaze as he quickly ran outside the auction hall.

Li Zhi Han was in a bad mood right now.  The arm broken by that slut Ye Yu Xi had just been healed.  It was healed because her father had used his right as the Family Head to specially use a pill to cure her.  She wanted to come out and buy a few treasures, but there was someone else going against her!

“What meaning do you two have!  Are you tired of living! This young miss is not easy to provoke!”  Li Zhi Han’s hand was already on the whip at her waist.

“Not easy to provoke?”  Ye Yu Xi asked back before coldly saying, “So what if I provoke you!”

She sent a lightning fast kick after speaking that landed on Li Zhi Han’s stomach.

Li Zhi Han was sent flying over a hundred meters, slamming the ground with her face.

“Daring to hit me, I’ll kill you!”  Li Zhi Han was about to go crazy! She had suffered more in two days than she had suffered in a year!


Housekeeper Qiu led several dozen guards out.

When Li Zhi Han heard this voice, she revealed a look of joy.  She was an acquaintance of the Primary Martial Auction Hall! No matter what, Housekeeper Qiu would take care of their acquaintance.

She quickly rose from the ground and ran in front of Housekeeper Qiu, “Uncle Qiu, I am Zhi Han.  Where’s big brother Tian Chou, why don’t I see him? Look at these two sneaky people, they don’t even dare  show their faces and they even bullied me, they’re definitely not good people. Uncle Qiu has to make a decision for me.”

While saying this, Li Zhi Han’s hands were tightly holding Housekeeper Qiu’s sleeve.

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