Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 738

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Chapter 738: Do you recognize me (Part 2)

So young!

A girl and an old lady stood in a corner looking at Ye Yu Xi’s face, feeling a bit surprised.

Based on what they wore, they weren’t merchants and they weren’t from the Ice Mist Country.

“This is one that kid Bai likes?”  The old lady’s lips moved slightly.

“Xiao Wu said it should be her.  Other than Ye Yu Xi, no one else has approached Bai Jin Yi.”  The young girl supported the old lady by the hand.

“Seventh spiritual level, compared to you and Xiao Wu, it is a bit lacking.”  The old lady looked up and instantly saw through Ye Yu Xi’s cultivation.

“Seventh spiritual level, it’s already considered not bad in a small place like the Ice Mist Country.  I really don’t know what Bai Jin Yi sees in her.” The young girl’s eyes fell onto Ye Yu Xi.

“For a thing like destiny, it is hard to talk about.”

One old and one young in the corner, no one came to talk to them and no one even noticed them.  Even……no one knew when they had arrived.

The seventh prince looked at Ye Yu Xi’s appearance with the noon sunlight shining down on her face.  In that moment, the seventh prince only realized that Ye Yu Xi…..didn’t lose to Jia Qiong!

Even…..when mentioning aura, Ye Yu Xi’s aura was even higher than Jia Qiong’s.

“Seventh prince, do you recognize me?”  Ye Yu Xi’s cold voice floated out again.


A stir filled the crowd again.

One the day of his wedding, the nation’s prince was attacked by a girl.  Even if the seventh prince cut Ye Yu Xi into ten thousand pieces, he had already lost all his face!

The seventh prince’s eyes gradually darkened.  Now that things had reached this step, he only had one path to take.

“Ye Yu Xi, long time no see.”


Black spiritual energy wrapped the seventh prince’s arm and he crossed several meters in the blink of an eye, sending a punch at Ye Yu Xi.

Dong!  Kacha!

Fists clashed.

Ye Yu Xi’s fist hit the seventh prince’s fist and the powerful spiritual energy in her fist instantly shattered the seventh prince’s arm.

The seventh prince was like a kite with its string cut as he flew into the building, smashing into the large happiness word.

An instant kill!

The ministers saw Ye Yu Xi slowly walking forward and they couldn’t help opening a path.

“You want to obtain Jia Qiong, I don’t blame you.  You want to dissolve the engagement, I don’t blame you.  But you should never have harmed my mother and you shouldn’t have engaged with Central Plain forces.  Harming those children, not even letting off the children of the ministers of the court!” Ye Yu Xi said while she walked forward.

When the surrounding ministers heard the final part, their faces filled with shock!

A while ago, the children of the ministers of the court had disappeared.  Several dozen of them had disappeared and there were no traces of them left.  The reports to the court had no effect, but……

“Seventh highness, what she said, is, is it all true!  Did you harm my granddaughter!” An old minister who was in his sixties came forward with tears of pain dripping down his face.

“Seventh prince, this matter, you better give us an explanation!”

Nangong Ying Xue looked at Mu Xue Qing beside her and Mu Xue Qing gave a nod back.  She jumped up and landed on a table.

“I can prove this matter!  Everyone, don’t be fooled by the seventh prince!  I was also caught by the seventh prince, but luckily my sisters saved me and I could escape!  The seventh prince wanted to cut the roots and almost destroyed the Mu Manor with the city guards a while ago!”

“That’s Mu Ju’s daughter.”

“I know about the matter of the city guards.”

“My pitiful child, he had just turned twelve!”

In an instant, subtle changes occurred among the ministers and many of them treated the seventh prince as their enemy!

“Such an intelligent girl.”  The old and young in the corner looked at Ye Yu Xi.

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