Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 739

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Chapter 739: No match!

With just a few short sentences, half the court was now opposing the seventh prince.

“Yin Yin, it seems like this little girl’s mind isn’t simple.”  The old lady’s voice was a bit hoarse.

The young girl didn’t say anything, as she looked at Ye Yu Xi without a care.  There was a flash in her beautiful eyes, but it was unknown what she was thinking.

During this entire process, Bai Jin Yi hadn’t moved.

He watched everything happen and there was no need for him to do anything with the current situation.

Ye Yu Xi stood in the center of the wedding hall and she was surrounded by red and golden words.  All the candles, various fruits, and even the carpet under her was all brand new.

She looked down at the seventh prince on the ground.  One hand was hanging softly on the side and there were flashes of black energy flashing on his face.

“Today, you must die!”


Ye Yu Xi’s hand formed a claw and grabbed for the seventh prince’s throat.  This speed made everyone stunned!

So fast!

The face of Bai Jin Yi on the wall changed and his figure burst into the hall.


“Doll, this person is not someone you can kill if you want to.”  Elder Pan in his ash grey cloak suddenly appeared beside Ye Yu Xi.

A withered hand grabbed Ye Yu Xi’s wrist.

“This person is not someone you can block if you want!”  Bai Jin Yi appeared behind elder Pan and his hand was filled with golden flames.

Who were these two!

When did they come in!

The ministers outside were all stunned.

When elder Pan appeared, there was a killing intent that flashed in the seventh prince’s eyes.

“Elder Pan, kill these two!”  The seventh prince endured the pain from his shoulder.

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes turned cold as she cycled her spiritual energy!  Hong!

Purple flames were released from her.

Si, si, si, si.

Black energy erupted from elder Pan’s hand, actually suppressing Ye Yu Xi’s Strange Flame.


Elder Pan grabbed the seventh prince’s shoulder and pulled him out of the hall.

Ye Yu Xi locked gazes with Bai Jin Yi, “Chase!”

Ga, ga, ga!

A goosebump chilling sharp voice came from elder Pan’s mouth.

“Brat, I let you escape back then, but today I will take your life!”  The ash grey wings behind elder Pan began to flap.

These wings, they were a bit similar to Hei Sha’s wings!

“You kill the seventh prince, leave this person to me!”  Bai Jin Yi said this as golden wings had already appeared on his back.


Half the sky was filled with golden flames!  Bai Jin Yi charged at elder Pan.

The ministers in the yard were all stunned when they saw this.

The mysterious ninth spiritual level experts, today…..there were actually four of them here?!

Was it that their cultivation was too weak or did the whole world go crazy!

Elder Pan didn’t dare underestimate Bai Jin Yi, at least he didn’t dare protect the seventh prince with one hand while fighting Bai Jin Yi.

When Bai Jin Yi charged forward, elder Pan had already asked elder Qiu for help in his mind.

“Quickly kill him.”  There was a rushed tone to Bai Jin Yi’s voice.


Ye Yu Xi’s feet exploded with spiritual energy and she charged at the seventh prince.

“Ye Yu Xi, you must die!”  Ming Yue Lian’s voice suddenly rang out.

Ye Yu Xi looked at Ming Yue Lian who suddenly appeared in front of her and she sent out a palm as her eyes turned cold.


Large amounts of spiritual energy clashed between their palms and it created a spiritual energy wind, scattering all the leaves in the yard.

Deng, deng, deng, kacha.

Ming Yue Lian didn’t move at all and Ye Yu Xi was forced back four-five steps.  Finally she stepped down on the tile under her and offloaded the power inside her.

Ye Yu Xi’s sealed power was just too weak, she was no match at all!

“Who are you!”  Ye Yu Xi looked into the sky.

Hei Sha’s clothes were messy and there was a streak of blood coming from the corner of her mouth.

“You harmed my beloved disciple, you must die today!”  Ming Yue Lian’s eyes were completely cold.

As soon as her voice fell, a blur appeared in front of Ye Yu Xi’s eyes as Ming Yue Lian had already approached.

The white palm kept growing bigger in front of Ye Yu Xi.

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