Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 737

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Chapter 737: Do you recognize me (Part 1)

Ding, ding, ding.

The sword in Ye Wen’s hand kept clashing with Jia Qiong’s sword.

After exchanging a hundred moves, Ye Wen was becoming familiar with Jia Qiong’s attack pattern.

She gave a cold laugh in her heart.  The number genius was only at this level!

For someone like Jia Qiong, she wouldn’t last more than ten moves at the young miss’ hands!

If Ye Yu Xi heard this, she would have rolled her eyes at Ye Wen.  For someone like Jia Qiong, would it even take ten moves…..


Ye Wen suddenly jumped back and created distance with Jia Qiong.

There was silence.  Since the battle began, a full three minutes had passed and there hadn’t been a single sound in the yard.

No one would have thought that a person who called themselves lowly would actually not be at a disadvantage against Jia Qiong!

Hong, hong, hong!

Ye Wen quickly revolved the profound cultivation technique inside her.  She still had a hidden card, the Purple Shadow Flash!

“Today, you must die!”  Jia Qiong pursed her lips and the flames of rage in her eyes had already turned into killing intent!

If she didn’t kill this slut, her title as the number one genius would become a joke!


Spiritual energy exploded under their feet at the same time.


That black figure had disappeared!

Jia Qiong was still in the air, as she watched Ye Wen disappear.

“Jia Qiong, only at this level.”  Ye Wen suddenly appeared behind Jia Qiong.

“You dare!”  Ming Yue Lian roared out as spiritual energy was released, flying out at Ye Wen.


A figure fell out of the sky and easily took care of the spiritual energy.

“This is a fair fight.  Sect master, it’s better if you don’t interfere.”  A pair of spiritual energy wings was softly flapping on Hei Sha’s back.

At the same time.


In the center of the fight, a hand flew high up, sending a streak of blood flying.


Ye Wen softly stepped off and flew back three meters.

“Jia, Jia Qiong’s arm has been cut off!”

Some people were watching Jia Qiong’s defeated face.

“What, what is that!”

Some people were pointing at the wings on Hei Sha’s back.

For these normal people, seventh spiritual level was already absolute experts to them.  They didn’t recognize the sign of the ninth spiritual level at all!

The seventh prince and Ming Yue Lian saw the wings on Hei Sha’s back and their heart sunk a bit.

Ninth spiritual level expert!

“Sect master, today’s matters……”

“Humph, low ninth spiritual level, daring to act arrogant!”  Ming Yue Lian’s aura suddenly exploded.

It was like an invisible wind spread in all directions.

The people within two meters were all blown away from Ming Yue Lian.

The seventh prince took a few steps back.  He gritted his teeth before shouting to general Tang, “Catch these bastards!”

“Kill!”  A cold glow appeared in Ye Yu Xi’s eyes.

Shua, shua, shua.

Ye Wen, the fatty, and Hei Feng Tian Zong charged into the hundreds of soldiers.


Hei Sha rose into the air and Ming Yue Lian followed her.

For a small place like the yard, it was not enough space for ninth spiritual level experts to fight at all!

“It’s rumoured that Blood Enchantress had a ninth spiritual level expert at its helm, it seems like it was you.”  Ming Yue Lian looked at the cloaked Hei Sha and a crescent shaped blade appeared in her hand.

“Fight if you want, scram if you don’t.”  Hei Sha’s cold voice rang out.

“Arrogant!”  Ming Yue Lian’s blade formed an arc, as spiritual energy surged at Hei Sha.

Hei Sha flapped her wings and she dodged it.  The two of them faced each other.

The battle in the air looked magnificent, as blue and black spiritual energy kept clashing against each other.

In the yard, the pitiful screams of the soldiers kept ringing out.

For a while, people had forgotten that there were two people standing on the wall who hadn’t moved yet!

Ye Yu Xi watched the scene in front of her.  The wedding had already been disrupted by her, now there was only the seventh prince’s head.


Ye Yu Xi floated down and fell beneath the stage.


She threw aside her cloak and revealed her nation collapsing face.

“Seventh prince, do you recognize me!”

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