Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 62

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Chapter 62: Three months from now, we’ll meet at the rites of passage!

Madame Ji gave a cold snort and replied, “Your big brother Yang Wei was beaten because of this slut.”

“Oh?  Something like this happened?” Ye Bing Fan’s brows jumped up.  However, seeing Mo Tian Chou standing in front of Chen Ning, she pressed down the ideas in her heart as she said to Madame Ji, “Mo Tian Chou is here today, so I’m afraid we can’t do anything, but I do have an idea.  Does aunt trust me?”

When the City Lord’s concubine heard that Ye Bing Fan had an idea, her eyes lit up.  She had already heard that this girl was a cultivation genius, she never thought that she would also be this smart, being able to think of an idea immediately after arriving, “Speak, what is your idea?”

“Aunt, you probably don’t know this, but in three months, it is our Ye Manor’s rite of passage and it’ll be time to test our cultivations.  I have heard about this waste’s matters and it seems like her innate talent has been restored, but even like this, in three months time, her cultivation will no go anywhere.  In three months, if I use some pills, I will be able to break through to the fifth spiritual level. When it is time for the rite of passage, I will fight her and can be justified in killing her, helping aunt vent her anger!” Ye Bing Fan had a slight smile on her face as she said this idea filled with murderous thoughts.

“Does niece Bing Fan have confidence in killing that slut?”  Madame Ji asked.

Ye Bing Fan took a deep gaze at Ye Yu Xi standing behind Mo Tian Chou, just like looking at prey, “In a competition, blades are blind.  I just have to make a mistake at that time.”

“It’s good like this.  Niece Bing Fan, if you need anything, just speak.  For the next three months, the City Lord’s palace will do our all to help you reach the fifth spiritual level.”  Madame Ji had an evil gaze as she looked at Ye Yu Xi again, like she was looking at a dead person. She was secretly thinking: I’ll just let a slut like you live a few more months.

Ye Bing Fan took a step forward and said, “Ye Yu Xi, on account of giving young master Mo face, we’ll let you go for now.  Three months from now at the Ye Manor’s rite of passage, do you dare fight with me!”

“Second miss, everyone knows Ye Yu Xi’s cultivation.  If you say something like this….” Mo Tian Chou naturally knew what Ye Bing Fan was planning.  If they fought at the rite of passage, even if Ye Yu Xi’s cultivation talent has returned, it would be hard to defeat her.

Ye Yu Xi curled her lips into a smile.  She was thinking, so you’re thinking of something and plotting against me.

“Alright, I’ll agree with you.  Three months from now, our life and death on the arena will be up to the heavens.”

“You can’t!”

“Young miss Ye!”

Mo Tian Chou and the old housekeeper wanted to speak up to stop her, but it was already too late.

“Since it’s like this, giving young master Mo and niece Bing Fan face, I’ll spare your slut life!”  Madame Ji flipped her sleeve and led the soldiers back to the palace.

The onlookers watched as the vast wave of soldiers return to the City Lord’s palace and everyone began to speculate young miss Ye’s identity.  The Primary Martial Auction Hall was protecting her and even the City Lord’s concubine Madame Ji couldn’t anything to her.

“Young miss Ye, are you not going to ask me in?”  Mo Tian Chou watched as the City Lord palace’s soldiers withdraw and secretly let out a sigh of relief.  At least there would be no problem for now, but he didn’t come here by coincidence and had important things to do here.

“I have to thank young master Mo for helping me.”  Ye Yu Xi said this. If Mo Tian Chou was not here, it would have been a slaughter today.  If this happened, she wouldn’t have been able to stay in Ningyuan City and would have to move some plans forward.

When Mo Tian Chou and the others came into the living room, she ordered Qing’er to prepare some tea.

Ye Yu Xi saw Mo Tian Chou open his mouth several times, but he kept hesitating, “Is there anything else young master Mo needs?”

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