Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 61

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Chapter 61: The city’s west is very lively

The wall of guards actually obediently moved aside when they saw the person coming, this was enough to show this person’s status.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the man who came and her heart was slightly surprised!  It was actually him!

Mo Tian Chou split the guards and brought a group of people in.

“Madame Ji, you’re coming in full fanfare and bringing all these soldiers?”  Mo Tian Chou walked forward and stood in front of Ye Yu Xi, taking a position of blocking Ye Yu Xi.

“Young master Mo, my City Lord’s palace has matters with young miss Ye today, it’d be best if your Primary Martial Auction Hall does not participate!”  Madame Ji had a sinister expression. In Ningyuan City, there were four powers that could make the City Lord’s palace feel worry. The Spiritualist Guild, the Blood Asura Auction Hall, the underground fighting arena, and also the Primary Martial Auction Hall.

She had entered to palace this time to see a large character in the royal harem.  That person had warned her and had especially stressed that she shouldn’t offend the Primary Martial Auction Hall, that there was a certain prince behind them.

“Madame Ji, today’s matters will stop here today.  This young miss Ye is a guest of my Primary Martial Auction Hall, so I ask Madame Ji to give my Primary Martial Auction Hall some face.”  Mo Tian Chou had said it very clearly. He did not say this Mo or the Mo Family, rather he said give the Primary Martial Auction Hall face.  His meaning was clear, if she really moved against Ye Yu Xi today, then the Primary Martial Auction Hall and the person behind them would move against her.

Madame Ji suppressed the anger in her heart, “Saying this, this means that you’re definitely taking part in today’s matters!”

“Madame Ji must have just returned from the imperial capital and should have heard of some things.  At the most important time, don’t stand on the wrong side!” Mo Tian Chou calmly said, not fearing the anger in the City Lord’s concubine’s eyes at all.

Oh?  Preparing for a fight?

Hearing Mo Tian Chou’s words, Ye Yu Xi gave a cold laugh in her heart, instantly figuring out what Mo Tian Chou meant by not standing on the wrong side.  It seems like Mo Tian Chou helping her was not for no reason. Being able to manage such a large auction hall, he really was a talented person!

“Yo, the city’s west is really lively today.”

A female voice came from outside the group of people.

The people on the outside saw who it was first and they fell into discussions.

“It’s the Ye Manor’s second miss, the one rare to see!”

“It’s that genius from the Ye Manor.  I heard that she is already in the peak fourth spiritual level before she’s even fifteen.  It’s just a matter of time before she reaches the fifth spiritual level”

“Watching today’s matters unfold was worth it.  They are all large characters who are normally hard to see.”

This time the City Lord’s palace’s people did not move aside.  They had no other choice but to let Mo Tian Chou in, who let Mo Tian Chou have such a high position.

When the City Lord’s concubine saw who it was, she revealed a happy expression.  She saw that the guards did not move aside, so she scolded, “You group of blind people, why aren’t you moving aside!  Let niece Bing Fan come in!”

The guards moved aside and Ye Bing Fan led several maids as she walked in.  She didn’t look that and if there was no Ye Yu Xi, she would have been the most beautiful person.

Ye Bing Fan had a spring breeze smile on her face and walked beside the City Lord’s concubine, “Aunt Ji, why did you feel like coming out for some shopping today.”

Shopping?  He, he, da!  Ye Yu Xi looked at her so called “second sister” and felt that her name Ye Bing Fan truly suited her.  You really are god damn stupid. Shopping, who brings several hundred people to go shopping.

Ye Bing Fan reached out to hold the City Lord’s concubine’s arm, looking very close.  It wasn’t strange since her mother, the Ye Manor’s second madame was very close friends with the City Lord’s concubine.

Ye Bing Fan whispered beside the City Lord’s concubine’s ear, “Aunt, has this piece of trash offended you?”

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