Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 63

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Chapter 63: Revisiting the Silent House

Mo Tian Chou looked at the old housekeeper to the side.

The old housekeeper was sensible, so he directly stood up, “Young miss Ye, I ask you to come to our place when you’re finished with your business, our madame has some business with you.  There are some things that need to be taken care of back in the Silent House, so I’ll be leaving first.”

Ye Yu Xi nodded and let Qing’er send the old housekeeper out.

When Mo Tian Chou saw the old housekeeper leave, he went straight to the point, “My main reason for coming here today is to ask young miss Ye to bring something to your two friends.”

After saying this, Mo Tian Chou took out a wooden box.  This wooden box was opened and there was an ancient book lying inside it.  It was the profound grade cultivation technique being sold in the Blood Asura Auction Hall, the «Green Wood Blade Art».

“Then I’ll represent my two friends to thank young master Mo.”  Ye Yu Xi’s eyes did not reveal any surprise at all. This profound grade cultivation technique was considered a treasure in other people’s eyes, but to her, it was incredibly ordinary.  The chaotic space had several dozen cultivation techniques of this level and had some that were even more precious.

Mo Tian Chou saw that Ye Yu Xi was not surprised by this cultivation technique at all and he was a bit surprised.  When ordinary people saw this cultivation technique, they would be filled with joy and try to take it for themselves.

“If young master Mo has no other matters, I won’t keep you.”  Ye Yu Xi sent him off.

Mo Tian Chou stood up and bid farewell.  When he was about to walk out the door, Ye Yu Xi’s voice sounded behind him again.

“Young master Mo, in a few days, my friends will have another five pills to sell.  When the time comes, I ask for young master Mo’s care.” Although this cultivation technique was given to the two mysterious people by Mo Tian Chou, it would fall into Ye Yu Xi’s hands in the end.  Ye Yu Xi did not like owing any people any favours.

Mo Tian Chou revealed a look of joy, “I’ll have to ask young miss Ye to tell those two misses that this time the price will definitely satisfy the two young misses.”

Ye Yu Xi waited until Mo Tian Chou left before moving into the yard.

“Fatty, come over here.”

“Ai!”  The fatty responded as he ran over.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the fatty that was sweating before asking, “What is your name?”

“Boss, you’re finally asking for my name.  This fat master does not change his name or surname.  Everyone calls me Young Lord Jade Face, suave and romantic…..”


Ye Yu Xi kicked him.

“Ke, ke.”  The fatty stood up and patted the dirt off him.  He honestly said, “I’m called Zheng Cai.”

“That dagger from before in the cave, it’s your weapon?”

“That’s right.  My lock picking skills all come from that dagger.”

Ye Yu Xi nodded before throwing the Green Wood Blade Art to the fatty, “This cultivation technique is for you.”

The fatty subconsciously looked down at the ancient book and his face filled with joy, “Thank you boss!”

“Go and call Ye Wen and Ye Man.  Go to the Spiritualist Guild main hall and wait for me.”

Ye Yu Xi simply handed it over before leading Qing’er to head to the Silent House.

When they arrived in the Silent House, the old housekeeper had been waiting for a long time.

They directly went to the City Lord’s wife’s room.

“Young miss Ye, thank you for saving my life.”  The City Lord’s wife laid on the bed. Although she had already woken up, her body was still very weak.

Ye Yu Xi helped take the City Lord’s wife’s pulse and found no major problem with her.  She asked the City Lord’s wife, “Madame was this anxious in calling me here today, it shouldn’t be as simple as thanking me.”

The City Lord’s wife let out a side before looking at Qing’er standing beside the bed.

“She’s with me.”  Ye Yu Xi said.

Although the City Lord’s wife’s body was weak, her mind was very clear, “Then I’ll be direct.  Two months ago, I went to see the emperor and heard the palace’s people say that the seventh prince, the third prince, and the other princes have began fighting each other.  Like this, Ningyuan City would eventually be involved in this mess. My illness this time, I’m afraid it was a plot by the City Lord’s concubine. Young miss Ye has helped me cure this poison and you have the engagement with the seventh prince, so I’m afraid you’ll be involved in this matter.”

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