Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 577

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Chapter 577: Xing Zi Ming (Part 2)

Other than the soft breeze and the sound of corroding, there were no other sounds in the surrounding forest.

The three mysterious grey cloaked people became vigilant at the same time.  This turquoise flame was not normal!

“Three against one, isn’t this bullying someone too much?”

The three mysterious people looked over.  Beside Xing Zi Ming, there was another girl that had appeared.

That girl did not seem old and she was wearing a fine brocaded robe.  Her jade like had was in front of her and there was a turquoise flame silently burning in it.

“Who are you!  If you leave now, I can pretend you were never here.”  An old voice came from beneath the cloak.

Xing Zi Ming saw the girl who had suddenly appeared beside her and there was a flash of killing intent that quickly filled his eyes before quickly disappearing, “Miss, I appreciate your goodwill.”

“Who do you think you are?”  Ye Yu Xi suddenly cut in, “I came to find these people for some matters.”

Xing Zi Ming’s words were stuck in his throat and he awkwardly had his mouth open.

“Humph, humph, so you weren’t together”  The old man spoke again, waving his hand at another person.

The latter understood and with a flick of his wrist, the whip came out again.

The soft whip with the infusion of the spiritual energy pierced out like an iron spear at Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi casually flicked her hand and the Soul Devouring Blade appeared, pushing the whip away with a single flick.


The old man roared out and the weapons of the three suddenly flew out.


The old man’s whip went out, but it was caught by someone.

The old man’s arm trembled and he kept infusing spiritual energy into the whip, trying to corrode that person’s hand.

“Three people bullying a weak girl, this is not something a man should do.”

Bai Jin Yi was holding the whip with a faint smile on his face.  There was a pair of golden gloves on his hand and the poison of the whip couldn’t affect these gloves at all.

“You!  Old second, old third, why aren’t you making your moves!”  The old man struggled a few times, but the whip was being tightly held by Bai Jin Yi.

Putong, putong.

The old second and old third the old man called for reacted, but they didn’t make a move, rather they fell to the ground.

“You!”  The old man’s eyes popped out.  His brothers, when……

“There are times when you should look at the path underneath you.  With a single wrong step, what you lose will be your life!”

Bai Jin Yi spoke in a soft voice looking down.  Under the feet of the grey cloaked old man, there was a golden flame that came up.


The old man gave a pitiful scream as the old man and his cloak turned to ashes, becoming fertilizer for the forest.

With a gentle breeze, the sparks in the air were blown away.

“What are you doing?”  Ye Yu Xi saw that Bai Jin Yi didn’t ask anything and he directly killed them, it was a bit annoying!

She wanted to ask what power they came from, but now she couldn’t ask anything.

“These people had deadly poison on them.  Even if you didn’t kill them, you wouldn’t have learned anything.”  Bai Jin Yi came to the sides of the other two mysterious grey cloaked people and sent out two Strange Flames, cleanly burning them away.

“Many, many thanks to the two of you for saving my life.”

Xing Zi Ming’s sword fell to the ground and he began thanking them, but his eyes were filled with disbelief.  In front of him, those three very powerful people couldn’t last a single round with this white clothed young man!

“You are someone from the Flying Star Villa?”  Bai Jin Yi came beside Ye Yu Xi and reached out to gently caress her hair.  He leaned in and said in a low voice, “We’ll talk later about those people’s identities.”

“Yes, I am Flying Star Villa’s Xing Zi Ming.  My thanks to the two of you for helping.”

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