Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 578

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Chapter 578: Xing Zi Ming (Part 3)

“Xing Zi Ming…..”  Bai Jin Yi thought for a bit, “I’ve heard that the Flying Star Villa’s young master also has this name, is that you?”

Xing Zi Ming nodded.

Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder trembled, also shaking Bai Jin Yi’s hand on her shoulder.  She was however focused on listening to Huo Ling’s voice in her mind.

“Master, master, there are many people rushing over.”

“How many?”

“Wu…..It’s not much, it’s around a few hundred people.”

A few hundred……

Ye Yu Xi’s expression changed as she thought of the three mysterious grey cloaked people.

Those three people, the weakest of them was in the eighth spiritual level, so Ye Yu Xi didn’t choose to directly make a move.

With Ye Yu Xi’s current cultivation, perhaps she wouldn’t feel pressure from fighting someone in the eighth spiritual level, but fighting three of them at the same time was a bit hard.  If it was several hundred eighth spiritual level experts…..

But that situation wasn’t too likely.  In the Ice Mist Country, it was already very hard to gather a hundred sixth spiritual level experts.

If Ye Yu Xi knew that when the Ghost Asura Sect’s people wanted to kill Bai Jin Yi and they sent several hundred ninth spiritual level experts to form an array, yet Bai Jin Yi still escaped, what kind of expression would she have?

“Did Huo Ling find something?”  Bai Jin Yi’s mind was quite sharp.  When Ye Yu Xi was stunned, he already guessed the reason.

“Un, there are several hundred people heading this way.”

Ye Yu Xi replied.

“Oh?”  Bai Jin Yi raised one sharp brow.  His mental energy went in all directions, not placing those several hundred people in his heart.

“Young master, young miss, there are robbers that frequent this area, we should quickly leave.”  Xing Zi Ming was already a frightened bird.

“It’s too late.”  Bai Jin Yi could feel the other side’s numbers.

Shua, shua, shua!

Noise came from the forest around them.

In this kind of wild mountain forest, this kind of noise would frequently appear.  Other than a large pack of robbers or mercenaries, there could only be a pack of beasts.

Once one met a pack of beasts, unless they were a ninth spiritual level expert, even eighth spiritual level experts would find it hard to keep their lives.

Shua, shua, shua.

Those sounds began coming closer.

Ye Yu Xi, Bai Jin Yi, and Xing Zi Ming stood there for less than a minute before over a hundred people appeared around them.

Ye Yu Xi looked over the clothes of these people.  Everyone was wearing the same set of clothes and the blades in their hands were mainly wide blades.

“To create such a large racket, I thought it was some powerful spirit beast, but it was just humans.”

The leader of these mercenaries broke out in laughter before he walked towards Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi.

He said while walking, “The three of you, these forests are not safe, want to come with us?  We are the Mysterious Wood Mercenaries and I am the leader Qi Yu Long. We came out here for a mission.”

Bai Jin Yi stood there without saying a thing and Ye Yu Xi watched that person walking over.

That Qi Yu Long had a bright smile and a somewhat friendly character.  When he came in front of Bai Jin Yi and Ye Yu Xi, he said with a grin, “Brother, I am a person of many words, so don’t blame me.  I have wine, so come with everyone……”

Qi Yu Long was speaking as he reached out for the wine gourd at his waist.  But the moment his hand came to his waist, that Qi Yu Long’s eyes turned fierce and his large hand grabbed the blade at his waist.

The blade came up and swept out.

Ye Yu Xi saw Qi Yu Long’s actions and stepped off, floating back over two meters and creating space between them.

But that Qi Yu Long’s blade wasn’t aimed at Ye Yu Xi, but rather…..Bai Jin Yi!

In Qi Yu Long’s eyes, how could a brat like him have any skills?

The one with the highest cultivation had to be this little gigolo.  First taking care of the king, after killing this gigolo with a slash, the other girl could be taken care of by his brothers.

But……while Qi Yu Long guessed the head, he couldn’t see the tail.


Qi Yu Long’s blade slammed into Bai Jin Yi’s head, but there was no splattering of the brain.  Rather there was the sound of metal breaking!

“Is the play over?”  Bai Jin Yi stood there without moving.  There was a golden barrier that appeared on his head and blocked the large blade.

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