Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 576

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Chapter 576: Xing Zi Ming (Part 1)

Ye Yu Xi looked at the thing in her hand.  Properly speaking, when things were in a stream, the blood would quickly scatter, not leaving a single mark.  This meant there was a problem, this cloth hadn’t been in the water for long!


Ye Yu Xi paid attention to the things flowing on the stream.

“Let’s go and take a look.”  Ye Yu Xi gave the bloody cloth in her hand to Bai Jin yi.

Bai Jin Yi nodded, as a trace of worry appeared in his eyes.

“Huo Ling.”

Ye Yu Xi called Huo Ling out and had him investigate from the air.

“Master, there are people ahead.”  Huo Ling’s voice sounded.

“How many people?”

“There are two and they seem dead.”

Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi looked at each other before going upstream.

After a few hundred meters, Ye Yu Xi noticed drops of blood.  Beside the stream, there were two people lying there.

When she came close, she saw the two had the same clothes.  One of them had ripped clothes. It seemed like the bloody cloth had come from him.

“This person isn’t dead.”  Bai Jin Yi used his mental energy to look over these people before rolling one of the people on the ground over.

Looking at the appearance of that person, Bai Jin Yi didn’t say anything.

Ye Yu Xi came over after hearing this and looked over that person’s wounds before her pupils shrank.  What kind of wounds were these!

That person’s shoulder and cheekbones had been penetrated and there was dark blood that kept pouring out around the wound.  Moreover, it kept corroding the surrounding skin.

“Ge, ge!  Save, save the young……”

The man struggled to talk and when he finished half his words, his head tilted and he ran out of breath.

“There should be someone nearby.”  Bai Jin Yi placed that person onto the ground.

“Separate and search.”  Ye Yu Xi looked at the somewhat disgusting wound and that wound seemed very familiar!


On a mountain not that far away.

“Xing Zi Ming, you can’t escape.  Take the thing out and perhaps I can let you not die!”  The three grey cloaked people were surrounding a young master and a single follower.

“Humph, use this to lie to a three year old child.  I, Xing Zi Ming would rather die in battle!” Xing Zi Ming tightly clenched the sword in his hand.

“Young master, you leave first, I will stop them.”  The follower on the side was very loyal, not trying to escape and would rather die to protect his master.

“Xing Zi Ming, you are a talent.  As long as you take out the thing, I won’t kill you.”  The deep voice came from beneath the cloak again.

Xing Zi Ming didn’t say anything, he just polished his blade with his cloak.

“It seems like you’re not taking the offered drink!  Go!” The three of them attacked at the same time. Each person was holding a long whip in their hand that flew out at Xing Zi Ming.

Xing Zi Ming smelled a faint stench in the air and didn’t dare be negligent.  He dodged left and right, dodging two different whips, but the third one wrapped around his sword.

Si, si.

Corroding sounds came from the sword.

“Such powerful poison!  It can actually instantly corrode an iron weapon.”  Ye Yu Xi was standing not far away, as she watched the people fighting.

They had just begun and Xing Zi Ming was already at a disadvantage.

Ye Yu Xi shook her head and floated out.

Xing Zi Ming saw that his blade had been corroded, so he didn’t dare be negligent.  He directly threw away his sword and with a flash of light in his hand, another weapon appeared in his hand.

But after being stunned for a second, the whip of the enemy behind Xing Zi Ming was already flying at him again.

“Young master!”  The follower’s expression changed and he dove at Xing Zi Ming’s back.


The long whip fell onto the follower’s neck and spiritual energy passed through the whip.  Instantly, the follower’s head was cut off.

The grey cloak wanted to make another move.


A turquoise flame fell at his feet.

“Who!”  The aura of the grey cloak changed and he looked around.

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