Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 494

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Chapter 494: Fierce Tiger Array (Part 1)

Hua la la!

The clear sounds of chains clanking came from the hands of those soldiers.

“Fierce Tiger Army!  Charge!”

Lu Hu tightly held the tiger headed blade in his hand and roared out.



Ye Yu Xi’s group of three watched them,

The soldiers of the Fierce Tiger Army that surrounded them, the first row of people leaned over.  They charged forward while holding the blades in their hands like tiger fangs.


Li Hu held the blade in his hand high up.

“Scatter and attack!”

Ye Yu Xi gave this order before charging forward.  She used this chance before she was surrounded by the other side to charge over.

“Fuck them!”

The fatty also roared out and chopped out with his blade!


When the fatty and Ye Yu Xi slashed out, they didn’t take the lives of the soldiers like before and landed on the iron chains instead.


The soldiers in front kept moving forward and stabbed out with their blades, aiming right at Ye Yu Xi’s ribs.

Such a fierce array!

Ye Yu Xi praised in her heart.  The iron chains locked up the other side’s movement and was used to resist the other side’s weapons, allowing the soldiers to take this chance to counterattack.  If it was a fifth spiritual level cultivator or below, they would definitely die in this array!

“Be careful!”

Ye Yu Xi said to the fatty and Ye Wen in her mind.  She didn’t dare stop and she kept floating backwards, dodging the attacks from in front.


While Ye Yu Xi was moving backwards, there was a gust of wind that came from behind.  There was a cold blade slashing at Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder.


With a flash of purple thunder, Ye Yu Xi dodged the attack from behind.  As soon as she dodged it, another attack came from in front!

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes became serious.  This array, it’s so fierce. The attacks came like flowing water, once one missed an attack, one would be suppressed!

On the other side, the fatty and Ye Wen were in the same situation.  After their attacks failed several times and their spiritual energy was being exhausted, they were being suppressed by the Fierce Tiger Array.

“Fuck you all!”

The fatty cursed out and swung out his blade.  He then kicked out at one Fierce Tiger Army soldier.

Hua la la!

The chains connected to the back of that soldier.  It stopped that soldier from flying away and it neutralized the strength of the fatty’s kick.

That soldier took the fatty’s kick and acted like nothing had happened as he slashed at the fatty again!


The fatty saw this and quickly dodged to the side.

“Boss, this array is strange!”  The fatty said to Ye Yu Xi in his mind.  He had used 50% of his strength in his kick just now.  If it was a fifth spiritual level expert, if they took that hit, they wouldn’t be able to stand up!

Ye Yu Xi kept moving through this Fierce Tiger Array and gradually learned its attack patterns.

“Fatty, Ye Wen, use your techniques!”  Ye Yu Xi shouted in her mind.


The fatty replied.  His toes kicked up a blade and he caught it in his hands.  Using his spiritual energy, there was a green light that covered the blade!

Profound grade technique, Green Wood Blade Art!

“Grandsons, this fat master will properly play with you all!”

The fatty was filled with fighting intent as a bloodthirsty smile appeared on that fat face hidden by the mask.

Ye Wen on the other side was in roughly the same situation.

Only Ye Wen used a profound grade technique called the Grand Imposing Sword.

The sword in Ye Wen’s hand was covered in a faint layer of red light.

Sima Xun was hidden in a distant tree, watching the battle.

Sima Xun had been hidden here since he came this afternoon!

Seeing the three people being surrounded by the Fierce Tiger Array, Sima Xun was secretly astonished, “I never thought the famous Fierce Tiger Array of the Ice Mist Country would be broken like this.”

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