Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 495

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Chapter 495: Fierce Tiger Array (Part 2)

Sima Xun with his strength and eyes could see through it.  Although the Fierce Tiger Array was strong, that was only if the three people in the array didn’t use their full power.  Once they used their full power, it was only a matter of time for them to break the array.

Ji Chao Yuan looked at the three people in the array and his face slightly sunk!

Ji Chao Yuan could tell that the three people in the array were the three with the highest cultivations among the black cloaked people.

But…..even if it was like this, they could force him to use the Fierce Tiger Array with three people.  They could be considered first class experts!

Hua la la!

The chains clanking filled the air.

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes turned cold as she faced the iron chains in front of her.

This move again?

After fighting for over ten minutes, Ye Yu Xi had completely figured out the attack pattern of the Fierce Tiger Array.

This time, Ye Yu Xi didn’t use her Soul Devourer Blade to slash at the iron chain.  She revealed a cold smile and grabbed out with one hand.

“Dark Poison God’s Art, suck!”

Ye Yu Xi grabbed the chain in one hand and fully activated her Dark Poison God’s Art.  A large sucking power was sent to the chains.

The spiritual energy contained in the chains kept flowing into Ye Yu Xi’s body.

Looking at the over a hundred Fierce Tiger Army members surrounding Ye Yu Xi.  They all looked like they were struck by lightning as they began twitching while being frozen on the spot.

These chains were to combine the spiritual energy of the soldiers as one, using it to take care of attacks aimed at members of the array.

Like when the fatty kicked out earlier.  With these chains, the damage was separated to hundreds of portions and sent to each soldier.

But now, Ye Yu Xi was taking advantage of these chains!

Ye Yu Xi saw the reaction from the soldiers and understood what was happening, causing a cold smile to appear on her lips!  She began to wildly cycle the Dark Poison God’s Art in her body!

“Un?  What is going on!”

Li Hu felt something strange with the Fierce Tiger Array and his brows knit as he roared out!

Putong!  Putong! Putong!

The soldiers around Ye Yu Xi collapsed one by one, falling to the ground.

There were some with weaker spiritual energy that had white foam in their mouths!

Hua la la!

Ye Yu Xi threw the chain in her hand to the side.

With Ye Yu Xi in the center, one couldn’t see the ground through the corpses of the soldiers at her feet.

Slowly lifting her hand, Ye Yu Xi pointed her Soul Devourer Blade at Li Hu.


Li Hu was in the sixth spiritual level.  Faced with Ye Yu Xi’s challenge, there was no fear at all as he charged forward with the tiger headed blade in his hands.

Dong, dong, dong!

Outside the city guards formation, the array fell into chaos!


A figure charged through the blockade of the city guards, charging to the center of the battlefield!

“Who is it!”  Li Hu saw the youth who suddenly appeared in front of him and his figure stopped.

“Young miss, go save the fatty.  I’ll fight this person.” Shi Qing had his back to Ye Yu Xi as he spoke in a cold voice.

“Where are you going!”

Li Hu saw Ye Yu Xi turning to leave and roared out.  He ignored Shi Qing and charged at Ye Yu Xi.

This person was too strange!  It was his first time seeing someone use this kind of method break the Fierce Tiger Array!  This person couldn’t be left alive!

Li Hu’s eyes were filled with determination!


Li Hu’s blade had landed on someone’s arm.

His arm was cut, but Shi Qing revealed no pain on his face at all.  A bloodthirsty look appeared in his eyes as he said in a hoarse voice, “Your opponent is me!”

Peng, peng, peng!

After saying this, Shi Qing trapped Li Hu and sent a fist at him!

The bare fist against Li Hu’s tiger headed blade.  There was no fear at all as he used his flesh to resist Li Hu’s blade.

Looking closely, there was a layer of grey over Shi Qing’s arms!  It was like it was made of stone! Li Hu’s blade landed on his arms, but there were no injuries at all!

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