Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 493

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Chapter 493: Ji Chao Yuan’s strategy (Part 2)

Nangong Ying Xue coldly watched the battle in front.

Big sister Yu Xi was still fine.  This bit of battle to her, was not too much trouble.  But Ye Wen and the fatty on the side were already moving slower.

“There’s no need, wait for young miss Ye’s order.”  Nangong Ying Xue said to Zhang Da Yong in a soft voice.  At this critical moment, Nangong Ying Xue chose to…..believe in her sister!

On the other side of the battlefield.

Ji Chao Yuan watched as the three people penetrated the city guards.

Ji Chao Yuan was in the high seventh spiritual level.  Other than Ye Yu Xi who he couldn’t see through, he had already seen through the fatty and Ye Wen’s cultivation.

“Li Hu!”  Ji Chao Yuan roared out.

“Here!  General!”  A man who wasn’t too tall came over with a fierce glow in his eyes.

“Fierce Tiger Squad, prepare to attack!”  Ji Chao Yuan waited until the power of the mysterious person had been reduced and decided to finally use his trump card!


Li Hu had a big smile and his eyes revealed a beast like glow, just like a bloodthirsty tiger.

Dong, dong, dong!  Hua la la!

Dense, heavy footsteps and chains clanking sounded from the army.

The city guards heard the clanking sound of chains and their faces changed.  They opened up an area with looks of fear.

Fierce Tiger Army!

Ji Chao Yuan’s trump card army.  The Fierce Tiger Army had a total of a thousand people and only five hundred came out.

Members of the Fierce Tiger Army had a minimum strength of the fourth spiritual level.  This army could be considered dominant in the Ice Mist Country.

Of course, what made the Fierce Tiger Army famous was not the uniform high strength of the members.  If was because the thousand man army also had an array, the Fierce Tiger Array!

The Fierce Tiger Array could be activated with at least five people.  It would increase to ten and then fifteen. With each additional five people, the strength of the array would increase by a bit.  At most, it could be activated by five hundred people!

Five hundred fourth spiritual level soldiers activated the Fierce Tiger Array, this was enough to trap a seventh spiritual level expert!

It had to be known, Ji Chao Yuan was a first class general.  His power in the seventh spiritual level could be placed in the top hundred of the Ice Mist Country.

“Fierce Tiger Army!  Kill!”


Li Hu waved the tiger headed blade in his hand and he pointed at the three people in front of him.

The hundreds of Fierce Tiger members behind Li Hu were all dressed like tigers, they were completely different from the city guards from before.  They roared out as they charged onto the battlefield.

Hua la la!

The jet black chains clanked together.


Ye Yu Xi and the fatty split apart a city guard before the three of them leaped back together.

Hua la la!

The five hundred Fierce Tiger Army soldiers surrounded Ye Yu Xi’s group of three.

But these soldiers didn’t make a move…..they waited for Li Hu’s orders.

“Form the array!”

Roar, roar, roar!

The surrounding hundreds of people sent out waves of spiritual energy as they let out tiger like roars.

“Boss!  It’s a bit off!  This seems to be an array!”

The fatty felt the spiritual energy arrays around these people and his face became serious.

The city guards before also had spiritual energy fluctuations, but the strongest was only in the third spiritual level.

The third spiritual level in front of the fatty and the others were just normal people.  These spiritual fluctuations could be ignored.

But the spiritual energy fluctuations of the Fierce Tiger Army was different, it was only in the fourth spiritual level in the beginning.

But…..With the roars coming from them, the spiritual energy fluctuations kept increasing!

In the blink of an eye, their aura already reached the sixth spiritual level.

Ye Yu Xi felt their aura and felt like she was being surrounded by a pack of tigers!

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