Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 479

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Chapter 479: Hundred Flower Hands (Part 7)

“Oh, nothing, nothing.”

Li Fei Zhang came back to his senses as he let out a long sigh of relief in his heart.  He then said, “Nothing, nothing, keep watching the auction.”


Bai Jin Yi’s mental energy only did a quick sweep of Jia Qiong’s private room.  After confirming it was Jia Qiong, he quickly took back his mental energy.

“Nine hundred and twenty thousand!”

Ye Yu Xi finally made a bid.

“Nine hundred and fifty thousand!”

When Ye Yu Xi’s voice fell, Jia Qiong on the second floor made another bid.

Looking at Jia Qiong’s tone, it seemed like she had to have it!

The price had already reached nine hundred and fifty thousand, so most of the people on the first floor had given up.  There were only a few scattered people who still planned on fighting for it.

“Nine hundred and sixty thousand!”

A family head in the front gave a bid in a deep voice.

“Nine hundred and eighty thousand!”

Jia Qiong’s voice rang out again.  She didn’t even give time for Mi Fan on the stage to confirm the bid.

“It seems like you’ve met some trouble?”  Bai Jin Yi’s lips had a trace of a smile.

“I can still take out this bit of money.”  Ye Yu Xi heard what Bai Jin Yi said and replied in a small voice.  She raised her hand and gave her bid, “One million!”

“One million and one hundred thousand!”

Then one who bid this time…..was Jia Qiong again!

At this time, the people on the first floor began to react.

Quickly a few people looked up at the second floor, looking for the source of the voice.

There were some people who recognized that it was the Jia Family’s private room!

But the Jia Manor…..The main people were prime minister Jia and young master Jia Shi, but the one who made the bid had a girl’s voice.

Could it be……Jia Shi was back!

Some people speculated this fact and the news instantly spread over the hall.

The originally quiet hall was filled with noise!

“Quickly look, it’s very likely it’s Jia Qiong!  The Ice Mist Country’s number one genius!”

“Jia Qiong?  I’ve heard that she is incredibly strong and she always obtains the things she wants.  Who was the one that was just bidding against her?”

“One million and two hundred thousand!”

Ye Yu Xi’s hoarse voice sounded again.  Jia Qiong had “aggressively” raised the price, so naturally Ye Yu Xi couldn’t fall too behind!

This time, Ye Yu Xi attracted everyone’s attention!

The other side was Jia Qiong!  Does this person not know……

The influence of the Jia Manor and the Jia Qiong’s position in the Mingyue Sect, stealing things from her, wasn’t this seeking death?

There were many people who looked in Ye Yu Xi’s direction.

But with the dim lights and Ye Yu Xi wearing that dark cloak, everyone couldn’t see Ye Yu Xi’s face.

They could only speculate if it was some country’s royal family.

“One million and three hundred thousand.”

Jia Qiong’s face was already turning dark.  She never thought that there was someone who could compete with her on the first floor!

Ye Yu Xi sat there and considered it.  She had around two million gold coins on her and adding in the eight hundred thousand from the Purple Thunder Pill, it was a total of around three million.

While Ye Yu Xi was considering this, Bai Jin Yi beside her suddenly made a bid.

“Two million!”


The hall was filled with cold breaths of air.

This, this, was this really an auction?

Those family heads were all instantly stunned.

Adding seven hundred thousand in one breath!  Could these people be swindlers here to trick everyone and make fun of them!

Ye Yu Xi also looked at Bai Jin Yi.

“What are you participating for!?”  Ye Yu Xi was surprised as she reprimanded him.

“I want to.  What, I can’t?”  Bai Jin Yi said in a soft voice.

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