Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 478

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Chapter 478: Hundred Flower Hands (Part 6)

“Alright, I know!  Go back first, I’ll head back to the manner after taking care of things here!”

Jia Qiong impatiently waved her hand, letting the servant retreat.

“Big sister Qiong, I’ve heard that elder Li is in the eighth spiritual level.  In the capital city, he could be considered one of the top ten experts. Young master Jia Shi was with him, how could he be injured by others!”

The slightly chubby girl looked at Jia Qiong with a gaze of disbelief.

The prestige of the Jia Manor, it was something everyone in the capital city know!  Even if it was a prince, they had to greet them with a smile!

“This matter is troublesome, we’ll talk after I head back.”

Jia Qiong was also confused in her heart.  Could it be…..There was an expert in the capital city?


“Alright, everyone.  The next item is the Hundred Flower Hands!”

The smile on Mi Fan’s face didn’t diminish.  Since the auction started, there had been twenty items sold and each one had been presided over by Mi Fan.  After two hours, there wasn’t the slightest change with Mi Fan’s smile.

“I think everyone has obtained the news beforehand.  This Hundred Flower Hands came from the Central Plains, it is one of the favourite cultivation techniques of alchemists!  If you have a junior who is aspiring to be an alchemist, you definitely cannot miss this product!”


Discussion exploded in the hall once again!

Central Plains!

The things that come from the Central Plains definitely weren’t normal items.  Hearing the words Central Plains, some family heads who didn’t obtain the news beforehand had their eyes fill with flames.

“Old Song, this thing is a treasure.  Your family’s Lan’er has just become an alchemist!”

A family head said from beside Song Yuan Dong.

Song Yuan Dong didn’t reply as his eyes sparkled.  His hand in his sleeve was already holding onto a gold card which had eight hundred thousand gold coins in it!  He didn’t go for the Purple Thunder Pill just now and as expected, he met something good!

“It’s coming!”

“It’s coming!”

Seeing the thing on stage, Ye Yu Xi and Jia Qiong’s eyes lit up at the same time.  In their eyes, they had to have this!

“Hundred Flower Hands, the starting price is eight hundred thousand gold coins!  Each bid increment cannot be less than ten thousand gold coins!”

A clear voice came from Mi Fan’s mouth.

“Eight hundred and ten thousand!”

“Eight hundred and thirty thousand!”

“Eight hundred and fifty thousand!”

In less than two minutes, the Hundred Flower Hands’ price already surpassed the Purple Thunder Pill.  It seemed like the enticement of this cultivation technique far surpassed that of a single pill.

“You’re not planning to bid?”

Bai Jin Yi looked at Ye Yu Xi beside him.

“Not a single person from the second floor has appeared.  The price right now will be suppressed, so what’s the point in bidding?”

Ye Yu Xi turned her head as she spoke.  In these two hours, Bai Jin Yi had taken the initiative to speak to Ye Yu Xi over ten times, but Ye Yu Xi chose to ignore him most of those times.

“Nine hundred thousand!”

A female voice came from the second floor, raising the price by fifty thousand.


Bai Jin Yi looked at the second floor.  His starry eyes sparkled as he secretly sent out his mental energy to investigate.

As soon as Bai Jin Yi’s mental energy went out.

On the second floor, the eyes of an old man instantly popped out!  There was also Li Fei Zhang in a private room who instantly showed a stunned expression.

Ninth spiritual level expert.

There was actually a ninth spiritual level expert on the first floor!

There was deep shock in the eyes of the two eighth spiritual level old men!

“Grandpa Li, what’s wrong?”

Yao’er on the side saw the strangeness with Li Fei Zhang and asked him this in a soft voice.

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