Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 480

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Chapter 480: Hundred Flower Hands (Part 8)

Gezhi!  Gezhi!

Jia Qiong’s fist tightened in the private room on the second floor!

She never thought that there would be someone else looking for trouble!

“Two million and one hundred thousand!”

Jia Qiong had gritted teeth as she gave this number.  In her phoenix eyes, she was spitting out flames of rage.

“Big sister Qiong, that person could just be……”

“What do you know!”

Jia Qiong glared at the girl beside her with her chest heaving.  Seeing the girl’s shocked expression, Jia Qiong knew that she had lost control.  She changed her expression and said in a soft voice, “The people who come here all know the Primary Martial Auction Hall’s backing.  There is an eighth spiritual level expert in the Primary Martial Auction Hall, do you think people would dare cause trouble in front of an eighth spiritual level expert?”

“Ah?  Eighth spiritual level expert.”  The slightly chubby girl’s mouth couldn’t close in shock.  This was her first time learning of this matter……


On the first floor.

Bai Jin Yi heard Jia Qiong’s bid and his lips under the mask revealed a smile.  This was something that Ye Yu Xi wanted, how could it be stolen by you?

However……Bai Jin Yi did not bid immediately.

“Two million and one hundred going once, two million and one hundred going twice, two million and one hundred going th…..”

“Three million!”

When Mi Fan was about to finish saying thrice.

Bai Jin Yi’s voice sounded again.

Everyone in the hall……At this time……No one was making a sound.

All of them held their breath as they looked in Bai Jin Yi’s direction.

Jia Qiong’s bid, everyone could still accept.

With Jia Qiong’s identity and background, it wasn’t hard for her to take out a few million.


Who was this man that came after?

Instead of adding hundreds of thousands each time, a single bid from him was enough to match the capital of a few family heads!

“Don’t say anything, just silently watch the play.  Our trouble is still further down.”

Bai Jin Yi felt Ye Yu Xi wanting to say something, so he raised his hand to tell her to be silent.

“Three million and one hundred thousand!”

Jia Qiong raised the bid again.  The gold coins she had, adding in what the Mingyue Sect alchemists gave her, was a total of four million.  This also included several hundred thousand of her own money.

If this money wasn’t enough to bring back the cultivation technique, Jia Qiong could only consider…..using other methods!

Mi Fan understood the situation and looked in a certain direction.

Her beautiful eyes stayed on where Bai Jin Yi was sitting for three seconds.  Seeing that he wasn’t planning on bidding, her vermillion lips opened, “Three million and one hundred thousand going once, three million and one hundred thousand going twice, three million and one hundred thousand going thr…..”

“Four million!”

Bai Jin Yi’s soft voice came out again.  This time it spread over the entire hall.

Four million!  Four million! Many people in the hall already stopped thinking about how much money this was……

They worked hard all their lives to earn money, but it couldn’t compare to what people spent in a single auction.  This difference……

“Genera, it’s those two people from Blood Enchantress!”

A simply dressed guard returned to Ji Chao Yuan’s side and reported in a small voice.

When Bai Jin Yi gave the bid for three million, he attracted Ji Chao Yuan’s attention, who sent someone over to investigate who the person bidding was.

As expected, it was those two mysterious people.

“General, it seems the other side’s background is not simple…..We……”

Anger flashed in Ji Chao Yuan’s eyes, “Tell the people outside, watch the roads.  After we find the other side’s hiding place, act on my orders!”

Ji Chao Yuans’ rough hand tightly grasped the seat’s armrest.

Blood Enchantress!  Today, I will bury you with my son!

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