Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 477

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Chapter 477: Hundred Flower Hands (Part 5)

That slightly fat girl revealed her determination, but expressions of the people watching beside her showed their doubt towards her.

“Six hundred and sixty thousand!”

While they were speaking, General Ji on the first floor made another bid.


“It seems like the general really wants your pill.”

Bai Jin Yi watched the bid war between the first and second floors.  In just a short ten minutes, the price had inflated to over seven hundred thousand.

“What are you planning on buying?”

Ye Yu Xi felt bored like before and asked Bai Jin Yi this question.

“Me?  I don’t really have anything to buy, just looking at beauties is fine.”

Bai Jin Yi’s eyes were hidden by his cloak, Ye Yu Xi couldn’t see them at all.

Ye Yu Xi looked at Bai Jin Yi before ignoring him and looking away.

Now that the relationship between Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi was better, the more the two of them talked.  Ye Yu Xi felt that……she understood Bai Jin Yi less and less.

Especially during noon when Bai Jin Yi was facing Jia Shi.  That wild aura he had, it left a deep impression on Ye Yu Xi!

“Eight hundred and thirty thousand once!  Eight hundred and thirty thousand twice! Eight hundred and thirty thousand thrice!  Sold!”

Mi Fan had a faint smile as the gavel in her hand fell.

The highest estimate they had for this Purple Thunder Pill was around seven-eight hundred thousand.

They never thought that a generous person on the first floor and a girl on the second floor would bring the price up to eight hundred and thirty thousand!


Hearing the final price, Bai Jin Yi said this to Ye Yu Xi with a smile.

This price…..was a bit high.

“How many gold coins will the Hundred Flower Hands cost.”

Ye Yu Xi suddenly asked.  Seeing how much her item sold for, Ye Yu Xi understood that the people of the capital city had more money than she had thought!

Like this, there should be a battle when it comes to the «Hundred Flower Hands» auction later.


“Big sister Qiong, we’re not bidding anymore?”

The slightly fat girl looked at Jia Qiong to the side and felt surprised.

Since she met Jia Qiong, the Jia Qiong in her mind was very fierce.  She would definitely get anything she wanted and with Jia Qiong’s personality, she wouldn’t easily let it go.  She never thought that she wouldn’t fight for it this time!

“I have a mission coming down the mountain this time.  It’s said that there is a «Hundred Flower Hands» cultivation technique that has come from the Central Plains and the grade isn’t bad.  The alchemist in the sect specially asked me to bring this cultivation technique back.”

There was a flash of light in Jia Qiong’s eyes.  This time coming out, she had brought over three million gold coins!  To buy this cultivation technique, if it was necessary, Jia Qiong even considered using special means!

“Young miss!  Something has happened in the manor!”

A servant ran over and reported in a low voice from behind Jia Qiong.

“Un?  What is it?  If it’s something small, let Xiao Shi take care of it.”  Jia Qiong’s voice was a bit impatient. She hadn’t been in the capital city for half a day and something had happened.

“Young miss, something has happened to young master Shi!”

That servant quickly reported!

“What?  What happened to Xiao Shi?”  Jia Qiong’s brows jumped up. With her fame in the Ice Mist Country and the fame of the Mingyue Sect, the Jia Manor’s position was on the rise.  To bully the Jia Manor’s people, that was not giving her, Jia Qiong face!

“Young master Shi was planning on treating the Spiritualist Guild’s elder Li to a meal at the Strange Treasure House and was planning on meeting you here in the afternoon.  Without knowing what happened, he got into a conflict with someone at the Strange Treasure House and was beaten by that person, being knocked unconscious.”

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