Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 476

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Chapter 476: Hundred Flower Hands (Part 4)

When Mi Fan said this, she winked at the crowd, “The starting price will be five hundred thousand gold coins!  Each increase cannot be less than ten thousand gold coins!”

“Five hundred and ten thousand!”

An old family head gave a tentative opening bid!

This was the most gold coins he could take out!  He was a middle grade power in the capital city, having a capital of at most a million.  But with the Purple Thunder Pill in front of him, he wasn’t willing to let it escape.

“Five hundred and ten thousand.  Are there any other bids?”

Mi Fan placed the white jade bottle on a podium to the side.  The overhead light fell onto the bottle and it let out a faint shimmer.

“Five hundred and thirty thousand!”

“Five hundred and fifty thousand!”

There was a brief silence on the first floor, there were only a few people bidding at first.

A Purple Thunder Pill could be used on one of their juniors.  If their talent was good and adding in the Purple Thunder Pill, after a few years, there was a hundred percent chance of training a seventh spiritual level expert!

With a seventh spiritual level expert present, one could be considered a first class power in the capital city!

“Five hundred and sixty thousand!”

The price given just now was suppressed by someone else.

“It looks like you can earn a small profit.”

Bai Jin Yi looked to chat with Ye Yu Xi, but she ignored him.

“Six hundred thousand!”

A deep voice made a bid!

On the first floor, it instantly became silent.

Six hundred thousand, this had already surpassed what most people could withstand.  Only the families on the second floor had the wealth to compete for this.

“It’s actually him?”

Ye Yu Xi was a bit surprised, but a relaxed expression appeared on her lips.

General Ji naturally had his reasons for buying this Purple Thunder Pill.  There was no need to question his seventh spiritual level power, but his son Ji Wu Liang……

“It seems like General Ji wants to use the Purple Thunder Pill to heal his son.”  Thinking of this, Ye Yu Xi raised her hand.

A hoarse voice said, “Six hundred and ten thousand!”

Hu!  Hu!

Ji Chao Yuan’s eyes looked right in Ye Yu Xi’s direction.  Although the light had been dimmed and he couldn’t clearly see their position, Ji Chao Yuan could sense it.

The one who bid just now were the two mysterious people!

“Six hundred and twenty thousand!”  Ji Chao Yuan bid again through gritted teeth.

After Ye Yu Xi made a bid, she didn’t make another bid.

Bai Jin Yi sat on the side, watching everything with cold eyes.  A third grade pill, it could still be considered a treasure in a small place like the Ice Mist Country.

If it was the Central Plains, only pills at the fifth grade or above could appear in auctions.

“Six hundred and thirty thousand!”

There was finally someone who gave a bid from the second floor.

Ji Chao Yuan thought about it before exploding with his bid, “Six hundred and fifty thousand!”


On the second floor.

“Big sister Qiong, you shouldn’t be able to use this pill.”  A slightly plump girl who looked to be around sixteen-seventeen looked at Jia Qiong to the side with eyes of worship.

She didn’t understand why even though Jia Qiong was the number one genius of the Ice Mist Country, she still bid to buy this pill.

It had to be known, there were alchemists in the Mingyue Sect!

Jia Qiong looked at the girl to the side and a trace of disdain flashed in her eyes.  She thought in her heart: What does an ignorant person like you know? Although this Purple Thunder Pill is only a third grade pill, the materials are very hard to find.  Even in the Mingyue Sect, there aren’t many of them!

Although she thought this, Jia Qiong still revealed a smile, “This Purple Thunder Pill can be used to refine one’s body.  There is nothing wrong with refining it a bit.”

“Big sister Qiong is this strong and still works this hard!  It seems like I also need to work hard on cultivating when we head back!”

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