Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 471

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Chapter 471: I am the law!

While Bai Jin Yi and Li Fei Zhang met gazes, Jia Shi had already walked over to Bai Jin Yi’s table.

When Li Fei Zhang reacted, it was already too late.  Jia Shi was already in front of Bai Jin Yi.

“I am Jia……”

“Fake?  I am real!”

[TL Note: The Jia surname and fake are homonyms.]

Bai Jin Yi directly cut Jia Shi off.

“You, this is the capital city!  Do you know who I am!”

Jia Shi’s brows twisted.  He had already come over, if he went back like this, wouldn’t he be making a joke of himself in front of elder Li and the two girls?

The waiter saw the situation wasn’t good and quickly went forward to defuse it, “Two customers, please calm down, please calm down.  This is all my fault. This customer, young master Jia is the beloved son of prime minister Jia, you should……”

While the waiter said this, he looked at Bai Jin Yi.

“Humph!”  Bai Jin Yi’s lips curled into a smile, “Prime minister Jia?  Never heard of him. Not to mention a fake prime minister, so what if the real prime minister comes?  We have spent money on a meal, we didn’t break a law, so it’s up to you.”

Bai Jin Yi looked at Jia Shi standing beside him, “You’re ruining the mood of our meal, move further away.”

“Law?  Let me tell you, in here, I am the law!”  Jia Shi heard Bai Jin Yi’s words and instantly flew into a rage!

In the capital city, even if a prince saw him, he would still have to smile.  When had others ever stepped over him?

The other guests in the hall saw that Jia Shi was about to fly into a rage and knew something bad was about to happen.

They all began to run fearing the consequences.  There were some who took advantage of the situation, leaving without even paying.

“I recommend you quickly scram.  The words you said just now, I as a big person wouldn’t remember the words of a small person.  Otherwise!” Jia Shi’s palm filled with spiritual energy as he prepared to make a move.


Bai Jin Yi put down the teacup in his hand as his eyes gradually turned ice cold.

“Jia Shi?  Very good, I’ll remember you!”

Bai Jin Yi suddenly gave a laugh.

“Brat, you’re still laughing!  If seems like you won’t know whose territory this is without teaching you a lesson!”

Jia Shi sent a fist out.


Bai Jin Yi gave a low roar as his hand didn’t move at all!

When Jia Shi’s hand came into contact with Bai Jin Yi, there was an automatic faint golden light that flashed around Bai Jin Yi.

It blocked Jia Shi’s punch and after that, there was a wave of spiritual energy that came from Bai Jin Yi that sent Jia Shi flying.


Jia Shi flew high up and landed right on Li Fei Zhang’s table.

“Young master Jia!”

“Young master Jia!”

The two girls saw Jia Shi land on the table and quickly helped him up.

But Jia Shi’s face was already purplish red and he was unconscious.

Li Fei Zhang had narrowed his eyes the moment the two of them clashed!

Jia Shi had blocked his view, so Li Fei Zhang didn’t personally see how Bai Jin Yi sent Jia Shi flying.

But Li Fei Zhang could feel that the white clothed young master had used mental energy!

“Elder Li!  Young master Jia…..”

One of the girls looked up and asked Li Fei Zhang for help.

Li Fei Zhang looked down.  Jia Shi looked unconscious from the outside, but he leaned in and used one hand to check Jia Shi’s internal spiritual energy.

Jia Shi’s internal spiritual energy was strangely wild!  It was wandering around his body!

“This is bad, quickly bring young master Jia back to the manor!”

Li Fei Zhang’s expression changed.  To instantly cause such heavy internal injuries to Jia Shi in one exchange, it couldn’t be done unless one was in the seventh spiritual level or above!

Li Fei Zhang was considered smart, not making a move against Bai Jin Yi.  He knew that a force that could raise such a young and outstanding youth definitely had an abnormal background.

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