Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 470

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Chapter 470: Braised Cloud Rabbit (Part 3)

“What is your signature dish today?”  That young master raised a brow and looked over, asking the waiter in a showy manner.

The waiter naturally used the same words.  Seeing the clothes of these people, he recommended the Braised Cloud Rabbit again.

After they finished ordering, the waiter ran to the kitchen and went to bring out the dishes.

After a while, the waiter ran back.

He said to the young master in a small voice, “This young master, I’m truly sorry.  The chef in the back just told me there are no more Cloud Rabbits, the last one was just ordered by that young master at that table.”

The waiter said in a small voice, afraid that he would draw the dissatisfaction of this young master.


That young master slapped the table and shocked everyone.

“No more?  Did you say there were some left!  Do you know who this is? If you disturb elder Li’s mood while he’s eating, I’ll destroy your Strange Treasure House, do you believe me!”

The young master’s tone was very wild!  Even if this was the capital city, he didn’t hold back at all!

“This young master, please calm yourself.  There, there really isn’t any left, how about…..you discuss it with the young master at that table?  Why don’t you see if they can give up this dish. They ordered over ten different dishes, they shouldn’t be able to finish it.”

The waiter was in a rush, so he pushed this trouble onto Bai Jin Yi.

That young master waved his hand to let the waiter do his job.

The waiter quickly ran over to Bai Jin Yi’s table.

He had an apologetic look as he said to Bai Jin Yi with a smile, “This customer, you have just heard it.  This young master has a bit of temper and you’re not lacking in dishes. How about, how about you give the Braised Cloud Rabbit to this young master?”

“Un?  He has a large temper, you’re not afraid I will also destroy this store?”

Bai Jin Yi’s face slightly changed.  He came out to eat and he was this bothered!  Especially…..when he was eating with Ye Yu Xi!

“It’s fine if he wants to, just let him come talk to me.”  Bai Jin Yi didn’t make it hard for the waiter.

This waiter only cared about his job, he didn’t care about them.

The waiter saw Bai Jin Yi’s appearance and didn’t dare offend him.  Helplessly, he could only run back to the other table and whisper into the young master’s ear.

“Un?  That table!  I don’t believe that in the capital city, other than the royal family, there is someone who dares act this big!  You dare not give me, Jia Shi face!”

Jia Shi stood up and his voice became louder.  After he said this, his eyes drifted to the beautiful girl at the same table.

That young girl looked at Jia Shi with eyes of worship.

In this girl’s eyes, there was no doubt this was the aura of a king!  The style of a man!

Jia Shi naturally had a reason for acting this arrogantly.  He had come to this Strange Treasure House a few times.

The rooms in the second and third floors were all private rooms, they were specially used for nobles.

The first floor were mainly filled with merchants and normal citizens, rarely would there be important characters eating on the first floor.

It was because of this that Jia Shi dared to act this arrogantly!

“Jia Shi?”

Ye Yu Xi’s mind began to turn as her brows slightly knit.  She didn’t know if Jia Shi was someone from the Jia Manor……

The waiter silently pointed in Bai Jin Yi’s direction.

Bai Jin Yi heard Jia Shi’s shouting and turned to look at the table Jia Shi was sitting at.

Bai Jin Yi’s eyes met the gaze of elder Li Fei Zhang.

It was just a glimpse before Bai Jin Yi looked away.

Li Fei Zhang however was shocked!

That man’s eyes are so cold!  He didn’t seem to have any cultivation, but he seemed strangely firm, as if it didn’t give anyone room for discussion and he didn’t seem like a mortal.

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