Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 472

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Chapter 472: General, there’s news

“Can you bring the dishes now?”

Bai Jin Yi watched as Li Fei Zhang’s group smartly chose to leave before looking back at the dazed waiter to the side.

“Cus, customer, this…..”

The waiter looked at the mess in the hall and knew that the owner would beat him to death later!

“Put the losses on my tab, quickly bring the dishes.”

Bai Jin Yi casually gave the waiter a gold coin.

“Alright.  Customer, please wait a minute!”

The waiter saw that this young master was this generous and the depression on his face instantly disappeared.  As long as there was money, everything could be discussed!

This gold coin was enough to pay for every table in the restaurant.

“Can’t you give me less trouble?”

Ye Yu Xi looked around.  Like this, the surroundings were silent.  After Bai Jin Yi clashed with Jia Shi, there was only her and Bai Jin Yi left in the entire hall.

Bai Jin Yi acted like nothing was wrong as he kept drinking his tea.

“So what if we provoked this kind of trash?  If I didn’t remember incorrectly, the person the seventh prince is marrying in a few months is the eldest daughter of prime minister Jia.”

Bai Jin Yi acted like he was talking to himself.

Hearing Bai Jin Yi’s words, Ye Yu Xi became silent.  Going against the Jia Manor’s people at this time…..Ye Yu Xi also couldn’t tell if it was right or wrong.

However…..she would have to go against the Jia Manor’s people eventually.

After a while, the waiter brought all kinds of dishes over.

“Young master, young miss, don’t blame me for talking too much.  The one you had a conflict with before really was prime minister Jia’s song, you should leave quickly after you finish.”

The waiter stood on the side and reminded them in a small voice.

“Oh?  Your character isn’t bad, here’s a reward.”

Bai Jin Yi looked over the waiter and threw out another gold coin.

“Many thanks for the master’s tip.  Please take your time, please take your time.”

The waiter gave his gratitude as he retreated.


General Ji’s Manor.

“General, general, this is bad!”

A guard quickly ran into the study.

“Un?  What is it!”

General Ji raised one brow, not looking angry at all.

“General, there is, there is news on the young master!”

“What?  Quickly speak!”

General Ji suddenly jumped out of his seat.

His son Ji Wu Ye had gone to the Heaven Mountain Range to find the Beast Flame.  The other families’ sons and daughters had already come back, only his son hadn’t come back!  General Ji couldn’t help feeling worried!

But if one said to Ji Chao Yuan that Ji Wu Ye was dead, Ji Chao Yuan would deny it no matter what!

In order to protect his son, Ji Chao Yuan even used the power of the military.  He sent five strong experts who were around the sixth spiritual level with him, how could anything happen to Ji Wu Ye!

“The young master, he, he’s dead!”  The guard stuttered out before falling to the ground.


“Nonsense!  Who did you hear this from!  Wu Ye had three sixth spiritual level experts guarding him, what kind of person could kill him!”

Ji Chao Yuan’s eyes were red and his voice was filled with disbelief.

“This morning, several juniors came from the other families.  This little one, this little one was buying stuff outside when this little one heard them say, heard them say, the young master, the young master while trying to take the Beast flame, was killed by Blood Enchantress!  Right now, right now the people of the capital are all speaking of this!”

“Blood!  Enchantress!”


The teacup in Ji Chao Yuan’s hands was crushed and turned into powder.

Now that things had reached this point, Ji Chao Yuan had no choice but to accept it……Ji Wu Ye liked to play, so it was possible he was playing somewhere and didn’t come back.  However, the three sixth spiritual level experts wouldn’t play around like Ji Wu Ye, they would at least send someone to report in.

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