Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 448

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Chapter 448: Decree

“Then what!  Quickly speak!”

General Ji saw that Instructor Wang was hesitating, so he slapped the table and knocked the tea set up.

“Then we fought the culprits, but we couldn’t beat them!  The young, the young master was caught by them…..” Instructor Wang’s voice became smaller and smaller.

General Ji heard what Instructor Wang said and his eyes began to spew out flames of rage while his lips started trembling, “A bunch of trash, what did I raise you for!”

When General Ji was about to gave the order to take this man out and cut him down, there was a subordinate that quickly ran into the room.

“General, the seventh prince is here!”

That person kneeled on one knee and quickly reported.

“Oh, I’m going to the main door.”

Ji Chao Yuan heard that it was the seventh prince and didn’t dare delay.  He forgot to punish Instructor Wang and led that subordinate to the main gate.

Instructor Wang kneeled on the ground and waited for Ji Chao Yuan to leave before letting out a long sigh of relief.  He used his sleeve to wipe the cold sweat off his forehead.

Instructor Wang sat on the ground and began panting.  He could tell that if it wasn’t for the seventh prince, he wouldn’t have kept his little life!

Thinking about it, Instructor Wang didn’t dare delay.  He knew that if he stayed here, he wouldn’t be able to keep his little life.  He stumbled as he stood up and left the hall, jumping over the wall.


Ji Chao Yuan came to the front gate and saw the seventh prince’s horse carriage.

Slightly lowering his head, Ji Chao Yuan had a smile as he waited for the seventh prince to get out.

The seventh prince came out of the horse carriage and spoke to Ji Chao Yuan without revealing anything, “General Ji, let’s go in and talk.”

The seventh prince sat this and directly sent Ji Chao Yuan’s greeting back down his throat.

The two of the came to the main hall.

“General Ji, I still have other matters, so we’ll keep this short.”  The seventh prince spoke directly.

Ji Chao Yuan didn’t have the prestige that he just had when he questioned Instructor Wang.  He spoke like he was a servant, “Your highness can speak directly.”

The seventh prince nodded and took out a decree, handing it over to Ji Chao Yuan.

He said, “I came a few days ago when your son was injured and had the imperial doctor in the palace look over him, I trust the general already knows about this.  The matter I want to talk about, the general will understand after reading the decree.”

Ji Chao Yuan took the decree and carefully opened it.

The general gist of the content was that General Ji has performed merits protecting the country and secondly Ji Wu Liang was an outstanding person, being an outstanding member of the younger generation.  He was gifted the marriage of Mu Ju’s beloved daughter.

General Ji saw the contents and reacted after a while.  He gave a military salute to the seventh prince.

“Many thanks for your highness’ care for my young son.  Chao Yuan is willing to die ten thousand times for the seventh prince!”

The reason why the seventh prince helped General Ji gain this decree was to pull Ji Chao Yuan a step closer.

Ji Chao Yuan had lost his eldest son and his younger son had his lower body crippled, with it being hard to cure.  Him giving Ji Wu Liang this decree was telling everyone that Ji Wu Liang was normal!

However…..This was perhaps the seventh prince and Ji Chao Yuan deceiving themselves.

“Alright, give me back this decree, I still have to take a trip to Mu Ju’s manor.”  The seventh prince said this as he took the decree from Ji Chao Yuan and left the manor gates.

“Your highness, please take your time.”

General Ji sent the seventh prince out of the manor.


Mu Xue Qing in the Feather Wing headquarters naturally didn’t know that her “life’s big event” had been decided for her by the seventh prince.

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