Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 449

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Chapter 449: I don’t want it even if it was free

The sisters were now discussing what they would do next.

“Ying Xue, when the mercenaries of your group were sparring with Shi Qing, they should have used some array or special movement technique, right?”

Ye Yu Xi remembered when Shi Qing fought Zhang Da Yong and the others.

If it wasn’t for Shi Qing’s fast reactions, if it was anyone else, even the fatty, they wouldn’t have easily taken care of it.

Nangong Ying Xue smiled, “That is the Five Dragon Array!”

“Five Dragon Array?”

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes opened wide.  She had decided to come to the auction at first all for the Five Dragon Array!

“Big sister Yu Xi, you must be thinking of the Five Dragon Needle Art!”

With Nangong Ying Xue’s intelligence, she instantly understood the meaning of Ye Yu Xi’s eyes.

Ye Yu Xi nodded and asked, “What is the array like?  Tell me.”

“This array, I thought it was related to the Five Dragon Needle Art when I saw its name at first, so I spent quite a bit of money trying to obtain this array.  But after studying it for a bit, it was different from what I imagined.”

“Un, un.”

“Zhang Da Yong and them didn’t use the full might of the Five Dragon Array.  If the full power was used, people with the same strength wouldn’t be able to fight back at all.”

After this, Nangong Ying Xue simply explained the points of the Five Dragon Array to Ye Yu Xi.

The most important thing was that one person was the dragon’s had and the other four were the dragon’s claws.  First the other four would attack and force the other side into a dead end before the dragon’s head entered the air to land a final series of blows.

“Un, do you still have the array?  I’ll study it a bit.”

Ye Yu Xi looked at Nangong Ying Xue.

Nangong Ying Xue nodded.  There was a flash of light in her hand as a scroll appeared in her palm which she gave to Ye Yu Xi.

They sat for a while and after nothing happened, they returned to their rooms to cultivate.

Ye Yu Xi directly entered the chaotic space.

“Dragon master, what are you doing?”

When she entered the chaotic space, she saw a rare Long Xiao Pang reading a book!

This was a first.  Long Xiao Pang had been with her for this long, but Ye Yu Xi had never seen Long Xiao Pang read anything.

“Nothing, just killing time.  What is in your hand?”

Long Xiao Pang closed the thick book on his chest and with a flash of light from his little apron pocket, the book was pulled in.

Ye Yu Xi raised the «Five Dragon Array» in her hand and gave it to Long Xiao Pang before saying, “Dragon master, have you studied this before?”


Long Xiao Pang took the thing in Ye Yu Xi’s hand and quickly looked over it before giving a snort, “Humph, this broken thing, what is there to study?  I don’t want it even if it was free.”

After saying this, Long Xiao Pang really flicked his wrist and threw out the Five Dragon Array, not even looking at it.


This made Ye Yu Xi feel awkward……

If Long Xiao Pang knew that Ye Yu Xi had come to the capital just for this «Five Dragon Array», it would be unknown what expression Long Xiao Pang would have.

Long Xiao Pang seemed to have guessed Ye Yu Xi’s thoughts and rubbed his nose as he explained, “The Purple Cloud Continent focuses on a person’s strength, wasting effort on something like this has no benefits at all.  Not to mention the level of this array isn’t enough.”

“This array’s level isn’t enough?”

Ye Yu Xi unconsciously asked.

Long Xiao Pang nodded, “There is a set difference between an array and a cultivation technique.  A cultivation technique is used by a single person, only a few of them require two or three people to cultivate together.  An array needs at least three people to cultivate and the more people cultivating the array, the stronger it is.”

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