Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 447

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Chapter 447: Are there any restrictions?

Ye Yu Xi heard the fatty boasting and her face gradually turned dark.

“Eh, my cultivation was still weak back then and I was almost caught by someone.  I thought the capital was not an easy place to steal from, so I went to other places.  Traveling along, I reached Ningyuan City and met boss, hei, hei.”

The fatty laughed and simply described his past.

But from the fatty’s tone, one could hear that the fatty created quite a mess in the capital in the past!

“Un, alright, I’ll give you a task.”

Ye Yu Xi nodded.  It was good that the fatty knew the way.  Ye Yu Xi was afraid that the fatty hadn’t been to the capital before and if it was like that, it would waste too much time learning all the paths.

“Ai, boss, please speak.”

“Go out with Huo Ling.  I don’t care where you go, just let Huo Ling eat his fill.”

Ye Yu Xi had a smile in her eyes as she described her plan, but she didn’t speak clearly.

The fatty heard his boss’ words and was a bit stunned.  His little eyes quickly turned and he understood Ye Yu Xi’s meaning before he revealed a joyful look, “Boss, this is easy to do.  This fatty is very familiar with this.”

But thinking about it, the fatty felt this matter was not as simple as it seemed.  If it was simply letting Huo Ling eat until he was full, with the boss’ financial resources, there was no need for him to take Huo Ling out.

“Boss, I want to ask.  This trip tonight, are there limitations?”

Ye Yu Xi nodded as she felt the fatty’s mind wasn’t bad.  If he was just a minion, he wouldn’t have asked this.

“You can’t disturb the citizens and you’re not allowed to touch the elderly.”

“Alright, I will remember that.”  The fatty bowed to Ye Yu Xi and he thought about what Ye Yu Xi said.  He wasn’t allowed to touch the elderly, so he would just find some officials to plot against.

After the fatty left, Ye Yu Xi returned to her seat.

She said to Nangong Ying Xue to the said, “Ying Xue, you will prepare a list of people close to the seventh prince and give that list to the fatty.”

Nangong Ying Xue nodded as she said with a worried voice, “Big sister Yu Xi, the people you are moving against are not weak.  If it is just the fatty alone, once he is found, it might be a bit troublesome for him to escape.”

Nangong Ying Xue knew that these people had hidden their strength quite well.  Even if the fatty reached the seventh spiritual level, it wasn’t certain he would win.

“It’s fine, I’ve already prepared for this.  You just need to prepare the list.”

As for the problem of escaping, Ye Yu Xi had already considered this.  The fatty did not need to run, as long as the fatty knew the area, he could directly fly away with Huo Ling.


In General Ji’s Manor.

General Ji finally came back from inspecting the military camps, he had come back a few days early.

One of the reasons for this was naturally General Ji hearing that his youngest son had been beaten, so he angrily rushed back,

“Instructor Wang, tell me the current situation.”

Ji Chao Yuan sat in the main chair with a dark face as he questioned Instructor Wang of his manor.

General Ji had just come from his son’s room.  Ji Wu Liang’s body was already weak and after cursing Blood Enchantress to be destroyed for several days while not eating anything, he had already become very thin.

“Gen, general, we were training in the manor that day when someone suddenly came to report.  They said that young miss Mu was being held hostage by someone and they wanted us to send people to save her.  The general should know of the young, the young master’s temper, so the young master brought us over…..and then…..and then…..”


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