Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 446

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Chapter 446: All turned into ashes

With the treasure in Ye Yu Xi’s body, she would be a fat piece of meat for those large families and powers, she would definitely be chased down.  At that time, if she had Bai Jin Yi, there would be much less trouble.

Of course……Of course that was only on one hand.  Long Xiao Pang even had a long term plan since this was a plan that involved his life, so he had to take it seriously.

Bai Jin Yi gripped his hand as he thought of the old man under the ash grey cloak.  If his strength wasn’t being suppressed, how could that kind of waste possibly hurt him!

“Dragon master, when can my cultivation recover?”

Long Xiao Pang rubbed his little stomach, “That depends on when that little girl can reach the eighth spiritual level.  The Blood Poison inside you needs another Strange Flame to suppress it. It has to be one that can match the Empty Starry Night Flames to refine the seal and completely seal it up.”

“Eighth spiritual level……”

Bai Jin Yi softly repeated it.  With Ye Yu Xi’s talent and cultivation speed, if she cultivated in the Alchemist Academy for half a year, she would be able to reach the eighth spiritual level.

“That’s right, dragon master, how much do you know about the Burning Sea Thunder Flame?”

Bai Jin Yi suddenly thought of something.  The Strange Flame Map in Ye Yu Xi’s hand, what was recorded was the Burning Sea Thunder Flame.

“Burning Sea Thunder Flame?  Earthly Spirit Flames?”

Long Xiao Pang knit his brows.

This Burning Sea Thunder Flame was a difficult kind to refine among Earthly Spirit Flames!

“This thing…..It’s hard to say, but according to legends, there has been one girl who has refined this kind of Earthly Spirit Flame.  The other people who tried were all turned to ashes by the Thunder Flames.”

Bai Jin Yi fell silent……He was wondering if he should find another kind of Strange Flame for Ye Yi Xi!

With the Medicine King Valley’s strength, although it wasn’t easy to find a Strange Flame, it was not as hard as it was for normal people…..

“Alright, my stomach is hungry.  You think about when you want to marry the little girl, I’m going to find the fatty.”  Long Xiao Pang jumped out of the stool and left the room to find the fatty.


Ye Yu Xi’s group was currently eating in the dining hall when the fatty walked in with a tearful face.

“Boss, no!  This can’t be!”

Zhi, zhi!  Zhi, zhi!

The little monkey was squatting on the fatty’s shoulder, gnawing at the roasted lamb leg in its hands.

“Un?  What is it?”

Ye Yu Xi put down the dining ware in her hand and looked at the tearful fatty.  When they separated in the morning, the fatty was still in a good mood.

“Xiao Pang, that fatty, no that little human ginseng.  Boss, you can’t let me take care of his meals everyday!  Good fellow! For half a day, I haven’t done anything! I’ve been cooped up in the kitchen until now since I met him.”

The fatty’s “excited” voice was incoherent.  He let out a sigh and complained to Ye Yu Xi, “Boss, you are the same.  Have the Feather Wing brothers buy less lambs. I was planning on walking around the city with Qing’er today, but now I’ve been stuck in the kitchen most of the day.”

“Alright, alright, stop complaining, Long Xiao Pang just misses you.  Since you’re here, I’ll give you some business.” Ye Yu Xi wiped her mouth and described the plan she had thought of.

“Un?”  The fatty could hear the change in Ye Yu Xi’s tone.  Naturally he knew his priorities, so his expression changed, “Boss, what is it?”

“When you were a thief, did you do anything in the capital?”

“Boss, it’s this.  Let me tell you, this fatty was skilled in the past, I’ve even gone into the royal palace!  Back then I…..”

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