Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 445

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Chapter 445: There’s no rush for this matter

“Humph!  There’s no rush for this matter.”  Ye Yu Xi revealed a bloodthirsty smile, “Ying Xue, when is the seventh prince’s wedding?”

“It’s been set for three months from now.”  Nangong Ying Xue honestly replied.

Ye Yu Xi thought about it in her heart: Three months…..There are still a few days until the Primary Martial Auction Hall’s auction and the Alchemist Selection Meet is in around half a month.  Three months…..

“There’s no rush for now, collect some information on the seventh prince for now.  When it is time for his wedding, we sisters…..will give him a big gift!” Ye Yu Xi’s beautiful eyes narrowed and revealed a cold glow, just like sharp daggers.

When Mu Xue Qing, Dongfang Bing Ya, and Nangong Ying Xue heard what Ye Yu Xi said, their blood boiled.  Blood Enchantress, they were finally making a move!

“Alright, Bing Ya must be tired from traveling.  Go eat something and get some rest, we’ll go check out the city tomorrow.”  Ye Yu Xi looked over her sisters. Everyone had a look of expectation in their eyes.

The capital city, a new play was about to begin.


“Xiao Bai, what happened this time?  The Ice Mist Country is a small place, it isn’t like your Central Plains Medicine King Valley.  With your current ninth spiritual level strength, even if you can’t win, you should be able to escape.  How did you suffer such heavy injuries?”

Long Xiao Pang came out of the chaotic space at an unknown time, hiding out in Ye Yu Xi’s room.

He was sitting on a stool cross legged as he swung back and forth, speaking to Bai Jin Yi in a small voice.

A fierce look flashed in Bai Jin Yi’s star like eyes, “I’m not clear either, but based on their martial arts, it should be descendants of the Poison Sect.  I wanted to investigate the royal palace, but I was found by someone as soon as I arrived. His cultivation technique was a bit evil, just like the Ghost Asura Sect’s people.”

Bai Jin Yi thought it over.  He had been heavily injured, but that person wasn’t much better.  Taking three palms from him, he wouldn’t recover for at last several months.

Long Xiao Pang heard Bai Jin Yi say this, but there wasn’t any concern on his face, like he was listening to a story.  When Bai Jin Yi finished, Long Xiao Pang asked again, “Xiao Bai, do you know that someone placed the Dark Snow Silkworm in your body?”

“Dark Snow Silkworm?”

Bai Jin Yi’s expression changed.  How could Bai Jin Yi not know about the Dark Snow Silkworm!

Bai Jin Yi looked at his chest and he remembered the characteristics of the Dark Snow Silkworm.  He suddenly looked up at Long Xiao Pang.

But he saw Long Xiao Pang looking at him with a smile.

“Don’t look at me, the other one is in the little girl’s body.”  Long Xiao Pang revealed an innocent smile, but no matter how one looked at it, it looked quite sinister.

It had to be said, this move of acting first and reporting second was indeed effective.  Like this, Bai Jin Yi wouldn’t be able to leave Ye Yu Xi!

Even when it is necessary, Bai Jin Yi would have to eat Ye Yu Xi clean.

“Does she know about this?  Does she know about the characteristics of the Dark Snow Silkworm?”

Bai Jin Yi was naturally referring to Ye Yu Xi, but before Bai Jin Yi finished, he saw Long Xiao Pang look at him like he was looking at an idiot.

“I’m not a fool.  If I told the little girl, she might have brought a maid over as a replacement.”  Long Xiao Pang rolled his eyes.

When Long Xiao Pang had Ye Yu Xi enter the tub, he had already thought it over.  Although time was very tight back then, it did not hinder Long Xiao Pang from making a decision.

The power behind Bai Jin Yi could reach the sky.  Although Ye Yu Xi’s talent wasn’t bad, her backing was a bit weak, especially if she were to move to the continent in the future.

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