Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 444

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Chapter 444: Bing Ya’s return

“Oh?  Bing Ya is back!”

Nangong Ying Xue and Ye Yu Xi looked at each as joy appeared on their faces.

“Come, let’s take a look.”

Nangong Ying Xue had that mercenary go to the training field to have everyone go rest before following Ye Yu Xi to the main hall.

Mu Xue Qing also received the news and was currently chatting with Dongfang Bing Ya in the main hall.

“Bing Ya!”

Ye Yu Xi called out.

“Big sister Yu Xi!”

Dongfang Bing Ya heard Ye Yu Xi’s voice and quickly stood up from the chair.

“Come, come, come, sit down and talk.”

Nangong Ying Xue had the servants prepare some dishes and wine before telling them to sit down.

“Bing Ya, did something happen with your sect?”

Ye Yu Xi remembered Bing Ya saying in her letter that something had happened in her sect, but she never explained what it was.

“My master was poisoned and in the past few months, there were two outer sect disciples that disappeared.  I speculate it’s the same person who kidnapped us last time!”

Dongfang Bing Ya said this and everyone fell silent.

Properly speaking, Dongfang Bing Ya was considered a talent and Mu Xue Qing was the daughter of a minister of the court, with their identities, normal people wouldn’t dare go against them.

They previously suspected the seventh prince.

There was a mastermind doing all of this and if it really was the seventh prince, there were some things on the surface that seemed to contradict.

Looking at the seventh prince’s current ambition, he was competing for the throne.  Like this, if he were to become the emperor in the future, he wouldn’t move against the daughters of the important ministers of the court.

At least…..he wouldn’t do it now!

Otherwise, if the ministers of the court knew the seventh prince was kidnapping their daughters, would they still support him?

“What is with your master being poisoned?”

Ye Yu Xi suddenly asked.  Even Ye Yu Xi knew during these past few days that the Blue Jade Peak was one of the large sects of the Ice Mist Country.  Although its influence couldn’t compare to the Mingyue Sect, compared to the normal sect, the Blue Jade Peak was considered a giant.

Dongfang Bing Ya shook her head and she lowered her voice, “My master was already poisoned when I went back, but I’m not too clear on the specifics.  Currently a great elder of the sect has already sent people to find an alchemist to cure the poison for my master.”

Nangong Ying Xue and Mu Xue Qing heard what Dongfang Bing Ya said and their eyes lit up at the same time.  They looked over at Ye Yu Xi.

Big sister Yu Xi was an alchemist!  Was there a need to find an outside alchemist!”

“How is your master?  Are they fine for now?”

Ye Yu Xi slightly knit her brows.  The Primary Martial Auction Hall’s auction was in a few days and there was the Alchemist Selection Meet.  If there wasn’t anything important at this time, Ye Yu Xi definitely wouldn’t leave the capital city.

Dongfang Bing Ya shook her head again, “My master was unconscious when I left.  The internal alchemists said that my master has fallen into a coma for an unknown reason, my master at least won’t be in mortal danger for a few months.”

“Un, once everything in the capital is taken care of, we’ll take a trip to your sect to have a look.”

Hearing what Bing Ya said, Ye Yu Xi relaxed.  At least for now they didn’t need to worry about Bing Ya’s sect.

“Big sister Yu Xi, us sisters have gathered, should we take care of that seventh prince?”  Nangong Ying Xue looked at Bing Ya and Xue Qing, both of her sisters looked ready to go.

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