Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 438

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Chapter 438: Dark Snow Silkworm (Part 2)

When the female silkworm went into heat, the power of the Dark Snow Silkworm would appear again.  There would be a drug secreted from the female silkworm and this drug would give birth to an aphrodisiac effect……

In this kind of situation, even if they were separated by a hundred miles or a thousand miles, the only male silkworm would react.

It was because of this that Long Xiao Pang didn’t have Ye Yu Xi casually find a servant to do this……

Long Xiao Pang thought of Ye Yu Xi’s proud appearance in front of Bai Jin Yi when they were in front of others and began laughing again, “Little girl, it won’t be up to you this time~~”


Inside the room.

After Ye Yu Xi had “taken care” of Bai Jin Yi, she looked over his face.

Although his face was still pale, it had already turned normal.


Ye Yu Xi’s foot moved and she took in a soft breath of cold air!

The place that was grabbed by that bastard Bai Jin Yi, although it was no longer bleeding, the wound hadn’t fully healed yet.

“I should find a place to heal it.”

With a flash of light, Ye Yu Xi disappeared and reappeared inside the chaotic space.

“Hei, hei!  Hei, hei!”

Long Xiao Pang was still inside laughing, looking like a villain.

“Dragon master?  What are you laughing about?”

Ye Yu Xi saw Long Xiao Pang’s appearance and hearing his laughter, she felt it was not good.

“Ah?  It’s nothing, I was just thinking that I can have the fatty treat me to a meal tomorrow.  It’s not me saying this, but the skills of the kitchen of this manor is far from being able to compare to the fatty.”

How many years had Long Xiao Pang lived for?  He had told more lies than a normal person in their entire life, he could casually find an excuse.

Ye Yu Xi looked at Long Xiao Pang.  Although she felt that something was wrong, she didn’t say anything in the end.

However…..It was unknown if Ye Yu Xi would still be this calm if she knew that Long Xiao Pang had already planned out the rest of her life.

Taking out an Origin Return Pill from her Space Ring, Ye Yu Xi swallowed it and sat down to cultivate.

The marks left by Bai Jin Yi grabbing at her, with the help of the pill, healed not long after, but Ye Yu Xi didn’t plan to stop cultivating.

Ye Yu Xi clearly remembered that when she had “bathed” with Bai Jin Yi, her strength had strangely broken through.

According to what Long Xiao Pang said, she had swallowed the spiritual energy inside the bloody hand print inside Bai Jin Yi.  Adding in Huo Ling’s partial evolution and him swallowing that Fire Lotus Seed, it helped her break through.

But Ye Yu Xi clearly felt that in the past few days, her strength was only in the beginning of the seventh spiritual level!  It wasn’t stable yet.

But after that suffocating feeling entered her body, Ye Yu Xi could vaguely feel her strength stabilize in the low seventh spiritual level.  There was even a trace of a breakthrough to the middle seventh spiritual level.

“Could it be……this is because I swallowed the Dark Snow Silkworm?”

Thinking of the Dark Snow Silkworm, Ye Yu Xi remembered that after that suffocating feeling entered her body, it had disappeared!  Even Ye Yu Xi herself couldn’t feel its existence.

She gathered her mental energy and Ye Yu Xi began to investigate her body.

There was nothing unusual!

Ye Yu Xi gathered her spiritual energy and focused on investigating every single corner of her body.  After looking several times, she couldn’t find anything unusual at all!

“Little girl, stop wasting your strength.”

Long Xiao Pang’s voice came from behind Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi opened her eyes and heard Long Xiao Pang continue to speak.

“If you can rely on your bit of mental energy to sense the Dark Snow Silkworm, it wouldn’t be called a Strange Seed.  It’s still considered a treasure and it is in the top hundred of the treasure rankings.”

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