Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 439

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Chapter 439: Hide it to the end

Long Xiao Pang held an herb in his mouth as he carefully tried to persuade Ye Yu Xi.  As for the side effects and hidden danger of the Dark Snow Silkworm…..Long Xiao Pang smartly chose to hide them!  Moreover…..he planned on hiding it until the end!

The wound on Ye Yu Xi’s leg healed and most of her spiritual energy recovered before she stood up from the ground.

Before Ye Yu Xi could say anything, a gust of wind came over them.

The source of this wind was naturally Huo Ling.

But this wind was much more mild compared to the gust from before, at least it didn’t send Long Xiao Pang flying.


Huo Ling’s fire red figure descended from the sky.


When Huo Ling fell beside Ye Yu Xi, those gem like eyes lit up.  He kept moving his head around Ye Yu Xi as he sniffed all over her body.

Taking two steps back, he turned into his little boy form.

“Master, master, did you eat something dirty!  There is a strange smell coming from your body!”

Huo Ling kept pointing his little nose at Ye Yu Xi as he kept sniffing.

Ye Yu Xi heard Huo Ling’s words and wanted to explain, but her eyes instantly popped out.  Dirty thing!

She had just swallowed a Dark Snow Silkworm from Bai Jin Yi.

She couldn’t find it with her mental energy, but could it be that Huo Ling could find it?

Thinking of this, Ye Yu Xi leaned over and asked Huo Ling, “Huo Ling, look carefully, are you certain you’re not wrong?”

Huo Ling sniffed Ye Yu Xi’s shoulders and confidently nodded, “Master!  You definitely ate something bad! There was a faint fragrance on master, but now….there……there is a smell that can’t be explained.”

Although Huo Ling’s abilities had been raised, his ability to express himself didn’t seem to increase.

“Un?  What smell?  Do you like it or hate it?”

Ye Yu Xi changed her question.  If it was a smell Huo Ling hated, she had to find a way to get right of this thing.  Huo Ling was quite accurate when it came to smells.

Long Xiao Pang looked at Huo Ling lost in thought and narrowed his eyes as he thought, “This little dumb bird is not that strong, but he is quite perceptive.  Even if it was me, it isn’t easy to find this Dark Snow Silkworm. I never thought that the little dumb bird could find it just based on scent.”

“Wu…..This treasure does not know, it just feels strange.”  Huo Ling thought about it. The smell was very faint and if it wasn’t for him being with his master all day, he wouldn’t have immediately found something strange with his master.

Hearing what Huo Ling said, Ye Yu Xi’s heart relaxed.

Gu lu~~

Huo Ling’s stomach began to call out.

“Master, this treasure is hungry…..”  Huo Ling blinked at Ye Yu Xi, as his little hands rubbed his little belly.

“Little dumb bird, did you just finish that pile of herbs this morning?  Why are you hungry this quickly?”

Long Xiao Pang looked at Huo Ling and remembered his pile of roasted lambs.  He could only look for the fatty tomorrow.

“This treasure doesn’t know.  After flying a bit, I became hungry.”

Huo Ling’s voice was very aggrieved, like he had done something wrong.

Long Xiao Pang understood the reason for this and said to Ye Yu Xi, “You’re gonna be broke.  This little dumb bird is entering his growth period.”

“Growth period?  You’re saying that Huo Ling is going to increase his strength?”

There was a happy look on Ye Yu Xi’s face!  Ye Yu Xi had experienced the gusts from Huo Ling’s wings before.  If Huo Ling finished evolving, his strength could compare to an expert in the sixth-seventh spiritual level.

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