Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 437

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Chapter 437: Dark Snow Silkworm (Part 1)

When Bai Jin Yi’s body was incomparably cold, Ye Yu Xi didn’t feel anything.  Now that the Dark Snow Silkworm in Bai Jin Yi’s body was taken care of, Ye Yu Xi felt her current position was a bit strange…..

She was wrapped around Bai Jin Yi like an octopus and her legs were wrapped around his waist…..

Ye Yu Xi’s face turned a bit red and she quickly let go.


When Ye Yu Xi followed Long Xiao Pang’s order to tightly hold Bai Jin Yi, she used a large amount of force, so Ye Yu Xi’s arms and legs were a bit numb.

She couldn’t immediately let go.

Not only did she not let go, Ye Yu Xi’s chest rubbed against Bai Jin Yi’s chest a few times.

Ye Yu Xi suppressed her rage and took a deep breath.  Closing her eyes, she sent her spiritual energy into her limbs and recovered the vitality of her arms and legs.

Hua la!

With a splash of water.

Ye Yu Xi jumped out of the tub.  Before she even landed on the ground, a set of clothes was already around her.

“What should he do next?”

Ye Yu Xi coldly looked at Bai Jin Yi leaning against the tub before looking over at Long Xiao Pang sitting on the floor resting with his back against the tub.

“Take him out and throw him onto the bed.  When it’s about to become morning, he should wake up.”

Long Xiao Pang took a deep breath before rising from the ground and walking over to Ye Yu Xi’s side with small steps.  He turned into light as he went into the chaotic space to rest up.

Ye Yu Xi looked at Bai Jin Yi in the tub and her heart was filled with hatred and anger!

She really didn’t want to move Bai Jin Yi, but if she didn’t move him……

Ye Yu Xi gritted her teeth before she still “lifted” Bai Jin Yi out of the tub.

Bai Jin Yi’s upper half had just left the water before he was thrown back into the tub by Ye Yu Xi…..

Did Ye Yu Xi’s hand slip…..or……

When Bai Jin Yi’s waist had just come out of the water…..Bai Jin Yi’s little brother was also revealed.

Taking a few deep breaths, Ye Yu Xi “pulled” Bai Jin Yi out of the tub.  Simply wiping Bai Jin Yi’s body, she threw him onto the bed.


Naturally Long Xiao Pang had his reason for heading into the chaotic space.

Long Xiao Pang had a deep understanding that with a pair of lovers, when a man and a woman was in a room alone and one of them was about to be trampled, it wasn’t suitable for him to stay there!

Long Xiao Pang wanted to eat some roasted lambs to fill his stomach.  He looked over the platform and remembered that his lambs had been blown away by Huo Ling……

Taking a few books and making a simple pillow, Long Xiao Pang laid down.  He looked into the sky as he thought over some things.

“Hei, hei, little girl, it’s not possible for you not to marry your little husband this time!”

Long Xiao Pang revealed a sinister smile, but Ye Yu Xi couldn’t see this smile.

As for the information on the Dark Snow Silkworms, Long Xiao Pang didn’t tell Ye Yu Xi everything.  He had…..left out a little bit.

Dark Snow Silkworm had another name…..Silver Silkworms……

One reason was because these silkworms were snow white, so they shined with silver light when placed under the sunlight.  The other reason was…..a homophone for this “silver” word.

Just like Bai Jin Yi in the tub before, once this person was infected with this kind of silkworm, that silkworm would remain dormant in their body.

They would only grow once a few conditions were met, like entering an extremely cold place……

Of course, there was another speciality with these silkworms.  If a pair of silkworms were separated, they would enter a dormant phase again.


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