Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 436

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Chapter 436: Ye Yu Xi’s “injury”

Elder Qiu and elder Pan didn’t even look up as they let the seventh prince leave.

The seventh prince walked out the stone doors as the sounds of girls crying and boys screaming came from behind him.

It seemed like……The two people in the room were starting to cultivate again.


In the headquarters of the Feather Wing group.

Ye Yu Xi was tightly holding onto Bai Jin Yi, with her four limbs completely locking him up.

In the tub, there was already a trace of blood on the water.

It was like the blood didn’t dissolve into the verdant green cold water, being very clear as it floated on the surface.

Ye Yu Xi’s lips were pressed against Bai Jin Yi’s, but…..Ye Yu Xi’s beautiful eyes were filled with flames of rage!

That trace of blood on the water…..it came from Ye Yu Xi.

On Ye Yu Xi’s thigh, there was a trickle of blood that kept pouring out.

This was the reason for the rage in Ye Yu Xi’s eyes!

Since she came to this world, she hadn’t suffered external injuries yet!

The only time she was injured was during the Ye Manor’s rite of passage.  To return Ye Xing Yong’s “favour” of taking care of her for ten years, she had given him one palm.

But even that time, she had only suffered a slight internal injury!

That bastard Bai Jin Yi!

Ye Yu Xi went wild in her heart!

Bai Jin Yi’s hands were very strong, directly breaking the skin on Ye Yu Xi’s thigh, causing streaks of blood to come out of the wound.

“Little girl, hold on.  That Dark Snow Silkworm will be sucked out by you soon!”

Long Xiao Pang saw that Bai Jin Yi’s neck was already turning red and his breathing became flustered, so he knew that the Dark Snow Silkworm in his body was completely awake.

Ye Yu Xi’s spiritual energy became even stronger and the sucking power in her tongue became stronger.

Si, si, si!

There was hissing sounds that unexpected came from Bai Jin Yi’s throat.


Ye Yu Xi suddenly felt a sense of suffocation come out of Bai Jin Yi’s mouth!

That suffocating feeling moved very quickly and drilled into her mouth.

“Quickly leave his mouth!”

When Long Xiao Pang heard this hissing sound, he immediately called out to Ye Yu Xi.

When Ye Yu Xi reacted, that suffocating feeling had drilled through Ye Yu Xi’s mouth and went into her body.

Ye Yu Xi quickly stopped his cultivation technique and moved her lips back, leaving Bai Jin Yi’s lips.

She looked over!

There was a little white worm in Bai Jin Yi’s mouth with a pair of wings on its back, flying by Bai Jin Yi’s lips.

It seemed like if Ye Yu Xi didn’t move away, that little white worm would have flown into Ye Yu Xi’s mouth.

That little white worm saw the clear space and turned around in Bai Jin Yi’s mouth twice before turning around to drill back down Bai Jin Yi’s throat.


Not only did Ye Yu Xi see this, Long Xiao Pang also saw it.

When Long Xiao Pang saw this little worm drill back into Bai Jin Yi, he let out a sigh and fell on his butt to the ground.

“Alright, it’s over.  He’s fine.”

Bai Jin Yi’s face was much more relaxed.

Ye Yu Xi let out a sigh of relief when she heard Long Xiao Pang’s words.


In the blink of an eye, Ye Yu Xi’s slender brows knit together again!

That bastard Bai Jin Yi’s hands were still grabbing her thighs!  No! It wasn’t her thighs…..It was her waist!

Although Ye Yu Xi was not old, being around seventeen years old, in just half a year, with Ye Yu Xi’s increase in cultivation and nourishment from the pills she ingested, Ye Yu Xi’s body was much curvier and her skin was much more elastic.

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