Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 435

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Chapter 435: According to plan

In just a short minute, the girl who was just filled with vitality turned into an “old grandma” with white hair and sagging skin.


After elder Qiu finished sucking in this person’s vitality, he let out a long breath and opened his eyes.  There was a blood red colour mixed with those cloudy eyes. He asked in a hoarse voice, “Seventh highness, the person who explored the royal palace at night, have they been caught yet?”

“Elder Qiu can be assured, I have already ordered the city guards to search door to door.  As long as that person is still in the city, they definitely will not escape.” The seventh prince gave a slight bow.

“This is a matter of your royal family, this old man will not interfere with how it is done.”  Elder Qiu said in a cold voice.

The seventh prince’s smile became bigger and his head lowered a bit more as he kept spewing out flattery, “How could that be, how could that be.  This is a small matter, how could we trouble elder Qiu. Is elder Qiu satisfied with these virgin males and females?”

The seventh prince spoke while secretly looking in the corners around him.

In the corners, there were several virgin boys and girls curled up.

These boys and girls were all naked and their eyes were filled with fear.  There were some that didn’t even directly dare look at the seventh prince or the two on the cushions.

“They’re alright.  Do you have any news on the virgin girls with high cultivations that escaped last time?”

Elder Qiu’s body moved a bit as a flash of impatience appeared in his eyes.

The seventh prince heard this old man’s question and carefully said, “Elder Qiu, the virgin girls that escaped before, some were daughters of ministers in the court and some were girls from various sects.  Chasing them is a bit troublesome, but it is being investigated. I’m certain there will be news in a bit of time.”

The seventh prince said this as a layer of cold sweat appeared on his forehead.

The seventh prince knew, although he was a country’s prince, he was not worth anything in front of this elder Qiu!  If the other side wanted to kill him, it was as easy as raising his hand.

“Ke, ke!”

While the two of them were talking, elder Pan to the side gave a few strong coughs and even coughed out a bit of blood.


Elder Pan also raised one hand!  The same sucking force came from his palm.


The tragic one picked this time was a boy.

Elder Pan’s method was much more violent than elder Qiu’s method.  He grabbed the boy’s weak shoulder with one hand while the other hand held the boy’s head and he bit right into the boy’s neck.

When the boy’s neck was bitten, the fresh blood in his body flowed into elder Pan’s mouth.  He raised his hand and grabbed at the seventh prince, as if he was asking for help.

The seventh prince coldly watched everything as he took a step back, avoiding the boy’s hand.

Just like before, in less than a minute, the vitality in the boy’s body was exhausted.  He quickly turned old and died.


Elder Pan wiped the bloodstains from the corner of his mouth with the back of his hand and revealed a fierce smile, “I never thought that there would be such a young ninth spiritual level expert in a small Ice Mist Country.”

“Elder Pan, how are your internal injuries?”

The seventh prince saw elder Pan’s appearance and became more cautious…..Who knew if these two old men would suddenly grab him and suck away his vitality!

“Bring a few more virgin males and I’ll be able to recover to 50%.  That brat who escaped won’t be in a better condition.”

Elder Pan said this while taking out a small bottle from his Space Ring.

“Your highness, add the pill in this bottle to your royal father’s meal.  In less than three days, your royal father’s illness will become better and we can just follow our plan from before.”

The seventh prince took the bottle and revealed a look of joy.  He cupped his hands to elder Qiu and elder Pan as he said, “I won’t disturb the seniors’ cultivation, this one will leave first.”

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