Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 434

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Chapter 434: Elder Qiu


Bai Jin Yi’s hand vigorously embedded themselves into something smooth!

Bai Jin Yi’s hands were randomly grabbing at Ye Yu Xi’s thigh.

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes instantly became wide open!

Her breathing became faster.  The thigh was a sensitive place on a human’s body and with how forceful Bai Jin Yi was, Ye Yu Xi felt……an intense pain!

But Ye Yu Xi knew that Bai Jin Yi was currently being controlled by the Dark Snow Silkworm, he wasn’t in control of his mind.

After taking a few deep breaths, Ye Yu Xi’s pupils widened!

Bai Jin Yi’s body……

Ye Yu Xi could clearly feel something hard that was poking her thigh, that was also occasionally twitching.  

“Little girl, quickly use your Dark Poison God’s Art!  When your little husband is completely controlled, the Dark Snow Silkworms will begin to lay eggs inside his body!”

Long Xiao Pang saw Bai Jin Yi’s appearance and could guess most of what was happening, so he quickly urged Ye Yu Xi on.

Ye Yu Xi blinked a few times before placing her tongue into Bai Jin Yi’s mouth, sending a large suction force into Bai Jin Yi’s body.


Deep inside the royal palace!

In a remote room that wasn’t guarded by anyone, a figure quickly came to the door of the room.

That figure looked around and confirming no one was around, they opened the door.


A torch was lit and that person was actually the seventh prince!

The seventh prince used the torch to light the path under his feet and arriving in front of a wall, he lightly moved the flower pot to the side.

Ka cha cha!

The wall turned and revealed a seam.

A dark tunnel appeared in front of the seventh prince.

Wu, wu, wu~~


Softly, there was the sound of women crying and men screaming that came from the tunnel.

The seventh prince used torch to light his way as he went down the stairs.

On the way down, the seventh prince kept going down stairs for a bit and passing two corners, lights appeared in front of him.

Although the light was faint, it was enough to light his path.

At the end of the tunnel, there were two stone gates and the light was coming from the seam in the stone gates.

As he came closer, the sounds of crying and screaming became louder.

The seventh prince revealed a bloodthirsty smile as he came closer and entered the stone gates.

“Elder Qiu, elder Pan, how does these virgin males and females feel?”

The seventh prince had a smile on his face as he slightly bowed to the two old men sitting on the cushions.  There was no doubt of the meaning in his voice.

That old man named elder Qiu completely ignored the seventh prince.  With a wave of his hand, his palm in the air formed a claw and with a powerful release of spiritual energy, a large suction force came from his palm.


A little girl who was completely naked screamed out, as her body involuntarily flew to elder Qiu’s hand.


The girl was around twelve-thirteen years old.  There were tears running down her cheeks and her face that could be considered beautiful was filled with fear.

Elder Qiu had no expressions as two large hands grabbed at the naked girl, who fell down right in front of him.

One had was on the girl’s newly developed breasts while the other fell onto the girl’s dantian.

There was a bloody glow in the depths of elder Qiu’s eyes as he took a deep breath.  The girl was struggling as she was pressed down by elder Qiu’s palms.

After struggling a bit, from her chest and her dantian, there were two streams of blood red energy that was sucked into elder Qiu’s palms.

The girl’s eyes quickly dimmed before they clouded over.  The skin that was considered quite white became loose and rough at a visible speed.

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