ENL Chapters 71-73

I do want to apologize and thank those who were patient with me during my absence. Unfortunately, I ended up dislocating my right shoulder once again, causing me to essentially be unable to use my right arm at all this last week or so. While I can’t really do much about the chapters I missed, I should be able to get back to a daily schedule depending on what my doctor says tomorrow when I visit him. Other then that I’ll try to keep you ladies and gentlemen updated on any other schedule changes.

Here’s three chapters for today.

Chapter 71 – Giving People a Taste of Their Own Medicine

Chapter 72 – Kneel

Chapter 73 – Interwoven and Twisted Currents

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6 Responses to ENL Chapters 71-73

  1. zhuha says:

    Hi there!

    There’s no need to apologize as we basically enjoying your translation for free! It’s already awesome that you are willing to share your translation with us!

    Regards to your injury, I hope you will get well soon! Take plenty of rests and dont move too much!

    Many thanks for the translation and take care!

  2. Aisara says:

    What in the world? I hope you are better now. Take it slowly, i rather have you recovered than forcing to translate. Thank you for the chappies

  3. Aniki212 says:

    no need to apologize!!
    take it slow, *Y_O_U* must come first. you are awesome, thank you for all the hard works.

  4. passingbyreader says:

    Dislocated shoulder? o.o I hope you recover soon, I don’t think you need to worry too much about missed chapters if the reason is for your own health. Good luck!

  5. Farhan Bin Marazi says:

    Thanks for chaps.

  6. Ye Qiu says:

    Aw… that must be hurt 😲. don’t push it to hard or you’re shoulder will get worse. Get well soon 🙂

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