ENL Chapter 99 (Read this, it’s important)

I have somewhat of a love/hate relationship with my body right now. The majority of my problems always seems to come from it, and there’s almost absolutely nothing I can do about it. While my latest concern isn’t much of a problem right now, it’s quickly developing into one.

Recently, my myopia (short-sightedness) has been getting worse, with me barely being able to see things clearly past 30 cm. While it’s more of an inconvenience than anything else right now, but with the speed of how it’s progressing and a few other symptoms, it’s very likely that it could lead to retinal detachment (blindness) if I don’t do anything about it. Currently, I’m planning on limiting my use of the computer and giving my eyes time to rest in the hopes that it’ll stabilize a bit while considering eye surgery as my last option.

That means that the time I spend translating will be reduced by quite a bit. While I’m not planning on giving up unless I have to since this is something that I started, but it’s likely that I’ll only be able to post a few chapters in a week or none at all. I apologize to anyone if they were hoping that I could speed up the pace.

Enough about my problems, here’s the chapter.

Chapter 99 – First Kiss

I really envy those people who have a normal body. While I’m thankful that I can basically live a normal life and that my father understands and supports me, but not being able to work or do anything proper to the best of my ability is really depressing.

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21 Responses to ENL Chapter 99 (Read this, it’s important)

  1. smile says:

    Hey homie, your health and your life is most important. 😀

    Take it easy, it’s fine to drop if you need to. This isn’t all your life is. 🙂

  2. Kim says:

    If it a retinal detachment would strongly that you get that surgery asap. The chances of blindness due to retinal detachment is very high. But best of luck

  3. Anonymous says:

    I had a tear in my retina and had to have surgery to fix it. They used a laser to tack the edges back down so it wouldn’t detach. It really wasn’t that bad. The recovery was very quick too. I recommend that you get it taken care of before it turns into a major surgery. If it completely detached, it will be very bad.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Get well! Thank you for updating!!!!

  5. Tatiana says:

    Friend, I used to have myopia, and I decided to undergo surgery. I’m ok now. It was not a big deal, although I didn’t have risk of retinal detachment. Take care of yourself! I’ll be praying on your behalf!

  6. Malen says:

    Hola, sinceramente espero que te recuperes y no te preocupes por la traducción,¡la salud es lo primero!

  7. Tsukiyo says:

    Take as much time as you like, as long as your health is getting better, the translation could wait… don’t really force yourself till your eyes gone worse… take care~

  8. Niki411 says:

    That is very serious! You need to get treatment. Your eyes are very important. Don’t worry about the translation. It will keep.

  9. Nads says:

    Hi, please take care of your bidy well.. it’s okay if u dont speed up the updates, after all, our body is more important especially since it’s your life. I already appreciate it so much that you are still willing to translate the novel and not drop it. Please get well soon. Im sure you will regain your health one day

  10. Anonymous says:

    Take care of your health, please!

  11. Nerrissa says:

    Myopia? I like that too and its getting worst too haaaaaaaah

  12. Lazy Turtle says:

    I think you needed the computer glasses that are supposed to help you block blue light from your electronics.

  13. Eksentrysyti says:

    I have a similar condition myself. Without glasses, I can’t read anything past 10 cm. Years ago, I had retinal loosening (which leads to detachment) and had to get retinal laser surgery to “weld” my retina to the eye wall to be safe. Luckily, it didn’t turn out to be a bigger deal. Rest your eyes when you need to, translating novels can certainly wait.

  14. Sarcen says:

    Its ok if you have to drop this. You are more important. Best of luck!

  15. Mute says:

    I hope you’ve seen a doctor, sounds odd that rest could help with a problem like this.

    • Element says:

      Mmm, the source of my myopia is pretty much due to my excessive use of electronic devices and ignoring what my eyes felt. While it’s pretty bad, it still hasn’t reached that extreme state where I have to absolutely undergo surgery.

  16. Aisara says:

    I have the same problem like you.. and i just cant quit reading…

  17. Blind says:

    Honestly, I have the same problem with you except my eye condition is worse, I literally can’t see anything past 5 inches or 17.5 cm and I’m only 15. I’m already thinking about eye surgery and geez I’m just quite scared. All in all, I feel your pain T^T

  18. Anonymous says:

    Hope u feel better soon wish you the best and thank you for ur wonderful translation!!

  19. Nidia says:

    Wish you the best hope u get well soon !!

  20. Ta says:

    Stay healthy!! Computer screen r unhealthy if overused. Blue light emits from the screen r damaging to the eyes.

    Think of alternative, like print out the original and hand write the translation.

    Sigh, people r having issue because of lifestyle, preventable stuff. My medical issue stem from no where even my primary care n last neuro doc can’t figure it out! Insurance won’t even pay for a specialist. N overall, I even have to work to support my family. I’m not even marry!!

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