ENL Chapter 49

So there are a few things I need to say in this post as a lot of it concerns what’s going to be happening in the next few months.

This month I’m pretty busy with finishing all of my homework an preparing for exams, which is why my releases will and have been quite sporadic. Once the summer break comes I should be able to keep up a constant schedule at that time.

Another is that before, I said I would do two chapters a day, however looking at things now, that isn’t too realistic with my workload. I’ve kept count and I believe that I still owe around 67 additional chapters, which I’ll get to when I’ve got the time. Right now, I’ll change the schedule to one chapters a day. While it won’t affect the chapters release rate right now, It’ll give me some breathing room as I finish those chapters that I’m missing.

As some who’ve read the post on Wuxiaworld about Qidian might know, Qidian has quite a monopoly on the Chinese web novel market. While I haven’t received any messages from them, I’m expecting that I probably won’t be able to continue on this project in the future. With that in mind, and thank you for the heads-up from Alyschu and imperfectluck from omegaharem, I’m planning on looking for a new web novel to start on or join in on an existing one. I’ll still be continuing on ENL until I’m asked to stop or cooperate with Qidian, but I’m just planning for the worst-case scenario.

Well enough with that, here’s the first chapter for today~

Chapter 49 – Fodder

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2 Responses to ENL Chapter 49

  1. Joun says:

    Thank you ! You are great with anything you can give us !!!!

    And for your exams: FIGHTING !!!! Kill it !!!

  2. purpleeee says:

    Qidian needs to burn in hell…killing off all my favourite translations for no reason

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