ENL Chapter 121

My migraine is finally over, hurray… Ai, at this point I’m just pretty much starting to take all of my health problems in stride.

First chapter today and another one later, enjoy!

Chapter 121 – Timeless Affection Flower (1)

When will “winter” be over? Apparently there’s even going to be snow next week… -_-

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3 Responses to ENL Chapter 121

  1. Izznis says:

    It’s still snowing? Just which part of the world are you living in? Alaska? Russia? Greenland? O.o

    Thanks so much for the chapter!

  2. Dragrath says:

    Ouch the whole arctic air mass is still wandering around huh… It seems it has been anywhere except the arctic for much of the winter >_>
    Thank care thanks for the chapter(s)

  3. Dragrath says:


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