Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 997

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Chapter 997: She’s not afraid, of course he’s not afraid

This fiery and passionate kiss was a little too much for her.  She was pushed down by him onto the bed and he was pressing down on her, tightly pushing on her’s.  She reached out to push him, but she touched his firm and smooth skin.

He wasn’t wearing upper clothes!

His body was covered in wounds!

Pressing down on her like this, how painful was it for him!

“Mo Chuan, you…..”  She wanted to ask him, did it hurt?

But when she opened her lips, his tongue snaked in and wrapped around her tongue, not letting her say a single word.

Their lips and teeth met, as they breathed into each other.  Their two bodies tightly pressed together, not leaving a single gap as the increased the temperature inside the room.

It was only a kiss, only their tongues entwining, but both of them were already filled with an explosive joy.  There was a numb feeling that filled their bodies, making them not think of anything and forgetting everything.

“Emperor, it’s almost time for the empress’ coronation.  You should get up and dress yourselves.”

When they were about to lose control, there was Xiao Si’s clear voice that came from outside.

Like a pail of cold water, it poured over Mo Chuan’s burning body and instantly woke him up from the joy that filled his entire being.

“I know, you can leave.”  His voice was hoarse as he looked down at her underneath him.

She looked up at him with eyes that seemed drunk.  Her lips were red, her face was blushed, and her chest kept rising and falling.

Although she didn’t do anything, just silently laying there watching him was enough to stop his breathing, make his heart beat faster, and made him really not want to leave her.

“There are still twenty eight days.”  He suddenly said this before tapping her nose.  He turned to get off the bed and put on his clothes, covering up his beautiful figure.

Chen Ning blinked in confusion.  She still didn’t understand what twenty eight days meant when Mo Chuan suddenly turned around, looking at her with serious face and deep, dark eyes.

“When you come back today, properly cultivate your inner strength.  If you can’t pass the first pass, I’ll spank your butt!”

After he said this, he left without even turning back, going to the side hall to bathe and change clothes.

She watched him leave in a daze, finally reacting after a while and her face instantly turned red.

That twenty eight days, it was him calculating time.  After another twenty eight days, they could…..do that!

This man, why did he always think of this.  Her face turned red while thinking about it.  Could it be that kissing and hugging weren’t enough?  She already felt happy enough.

Also, also, why was he in a rush to force her to cultivate inner strength?  She also instantly understood.

It was all because of what doctor Zhang said.  He thought that her cultivating inner strength would quicken the absorption of the snow ginseng and help cure the poison.

“Empress, this servant is here on the emperor’s order to help the empress bathe and dress.”

There was the respectful voice of maids coming from outside, bringing her back to her senses.

She just remembered that today was her coronation.  She as the empress had to appear in front of the ancestral temple and accept the worship of the ministers.

But there was no minister that didn’t recognize her face.  Did she really have to do what Mo Chuan said, taking off her disguise and appearing in front of everyone with her real face?

She gritted her teeth and straightened her chest.  She wasn’t afraid of disdain and jeering from others, she just didn’t want Mo Chaun to be ashamed because of her.

But since she chose to be with Mo Chuan, she knew that this day would come.

She was not afraid and of course Mo Chuan wasn’t!

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